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Your energy costs are likely going up. It's an unavoidable expense because you need electricity to do business. How can you reign this in? The first step is knowing exactly where the power is being used. Once you have that data, you can make good decisions around strategically reducing energy usage as well as getting the most out of the power you are drawing. If energy monitoring has not been a part of your business plan before, now is the time to start.

Advancements in energy monitoring devices means these tools are less expensive to deploy, small enough to fit almost anywhere, and smart enough to wirelessly transmit real-time data securely to wherever you are in the world.

Packet Power is a leader in wireless energy monitoring solutions. We initially developed devices for data centers where about 70% of operating expenses are tied to energy -- either for powering servers or HVAC operations. Evidence from data centers shows that simply paying attention to power usage can improve efficiency by 10%. A study by the Center for Energy and Environment found many smaller IT facilities can cut power usage by 10-48% simply by powering down unneeded servers during non-critical times and adjusting cooling settings.

Energy Monitoring Beyond Data Centers

Power monitoring helps data centers optimize equipment performance, reduce costly downtime and control energy expenses. These goals are not unique to data centers.  Energy monitoring devices are being deployed in countless industries all over the world.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

An ESCO helps organizations cut their power usage and captures some of the savings as its profit -- so power monitoring is a critical component of their work. An ESCO will use power monitoring devices to track overall usage and look for efficiencies. Their clients include organizations from utility companies to manufacturers to real estate developers.

With high-tech alternating current (AC) power monitors, ESCOs get visibility to volts (V), amps (A), volt-amperes (VA), watts (W), power factor (PF) and watt-hours (Wh) both in real-time and across time. This data is valuable for ESCOs and many other industries.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators and fuel cells create direct current (DC) power. In these instances, DC power monitors can be used to give operators data on V, A. W and Wh with an accuracy of +/-1%. This is commonly used to track the amount of energy that is being generated as well as the efficiency of the system overall.

Telecommunication Companies (Telcos)

Smartphones and access to the Internet are critical components of modern life. That's why Telcos use generators, batteries and other technologies to keep communication tower and other critical infrastructure working even when the power grid is offline. By installing wireless power monitors, Telco facility managers have visibility that the backup systems are operating as intended.

Event Centers

It's important to watch power usage where visitors and vendors are moving in and out regularly -- whether it's a convention center, arena, stadium or other large facility hosting events. Energy monitors can help ensure power isn't being wasted on large, empty spaces when no one is there. These megaspaces are also much more affected by weather. Power monitoring can help facility managers keep an eye on HVAC systems during extreme heat and cold.

Cryptocurrency Mining

The viability of crypto mining is dependent on maximizing computations while minimizing energy expenses. In this industry, power monitoring is a must. The flexibility and scalability of power monitoring systems means an operations manager can track everything from complete facility power usage all the way down to a single circuit.


Both corporate and collegiate campuses are filled with energy intensive spaces. These include IT facilities and spaces where people are working or living. By monitoring power usage in IT facilities, you can maximize the effectiveness of HVAC systems and power down equipment when it's not needed. Installing power monitors in working and living spaces ensures comfortable conditions while identifying high usage areas where efficiency efforts may be needed.

Colo Companies

Colocation companies are large data facilities that lease server space to businesses. Colos must provide their customers with as close to 100% uptime as possible. While providing this level of service, they seek to minimize energy costs and track power usage by customer for billing purposes. With the flexibility of today's monitoring systems, a Colo can track energy use from the circuit and cabinet level all the way up to the main power panels. Power usage can be aggregated across multiple rooms, buildings and sites. Read how Involta improved its billing process thanks to power monitoring.

Powering up Monitoring

Power monitors are being deployed in more and more places as every industry looks for ways to lower excess energy costs and work more efficiently. From ski resorts to manufacturing plants, Packet Power's wireless monitors are proving useful. The technology deploys quickly, works without extra IT configuring, and can scale up or be redeployed as energy use changes.

If you want to get a better understanding of how you're using energy and where you could save money, please contact us to talk about your options.

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