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Environmental Monitoring

Get the data you need to extend critical equipment life, lower operating costs, and ensure your environmental conditions meet your standards.

Track temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, and detect leaks. Choose battery or AC-powered devices. Installation is fast and easy. Data delivery is wireless and secure. Integrates with existing building automation software.

Feel confident with an environmental monitoring system that gives you flexibility now and in the future.

Originally designed for data centers, now used in critical facilities all over the world.

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What You Can Do With
Environmental Monitoring

Identify wasted airflow

Get the data to improve your energy planning and optimize your HVAC usage. Focus your cooling where it has the biggest impact. Safely raise ambient temperatures. Lower your carbon footprint and your energy costs. Use data to design the best system for your facility and equipment.

​See real-time data anywhere in the world

Find the hot spots in your facility. Verify the effects of containment systems and other air handling efficiency efforts. Monitor compliance with industry standards or service level agreements. Read how easily Packet Power monitors deploy and deliver results.

Know what’s running in an emergency

Be more prepared for when disaster strikes. Know immediately if your heating and cooling systems are still working and whether back-up systems are up and running. See if temperatures are getting too high (or low) or if water is present in your building. Reduce costly downtime.

Product Features


Uses AC power or runs up to 15 years on battery


Measure up to 6 temperature points per monitor

water drop

Know if water is present with leak detector probes

air flow

Track airflow with differential pressure probes


All monitors track temperature, relative humidity, and dew point


Get your data in real-time through a secure wireless mesh network


See real-­time 3D heat maps of your facility


Scales to thousands of monitoring points per facility


Easy integration with third party building management systems (BMS) and data center information management systems (DCIM)


Low cost per monitoring point

Environmental Monitor Models

e300 w tab w quarter cropped
  • 1 temperature point

  • No external probe ports

  • Dew point and relative humidity included

  • Battery powered (4+ year life)

  • Up to 3 temperature points

  • Two external probe ports

  • Dew point and relative humidity included

  • Battery powered (4+ year life)

E306 without mount transp bkgrd (500x415 px)
  • Up to 6 temperature points

  • Six external probe ports

  • Dew point and relative humidity included

  • Differential pressure optional

  • Local display

  • AC powered (or PoE splitter)

Accessories to Get More from Your Monitors

Temp probe (750x545px)
Temperature Probes
  • 1 to 15 meter lengths

  • Use with E302 and E306 models

  • Pre-bundled assemblies available that connect up to 6 probes/monitor

Leak Detector Probe
Leak Detector Probes
  • ​​Sensing height as low as 1/32 of an inch (1mm)

  • 2 to 15 meter lengths

  • Any quantity

  • Use with E306

differential pressure tubes
Differential Pressure Sensors
  • Two sensing tubes of 1 to 10 meter length that can be placed as desired to track the difference in air pressure between two areas

  • A unique E306 model

From Installation to Information in Minutes

Environmental monitors anywhere you need them
Place environmental monitors exactly where you need them. They automatically and securely join the wireless mesh network as soon as they are powered on. Data is transmitted to the Ethernet Gateway.
Group 36
Ethernet Gateway automatically collects monitoring data
The Gateway can share data with your BMS, DCIM, or other third-party monitoring software using standard protocols such as BACnet/IP, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, MTConnect or SNMP.
Instant insights
Access monitoring data immediately from Packet Power's EMX Energy Portal monitoring software. EMX delivers the easiest, fastest path to monitoring insights.

See just how easy it is to install Packet Power environmental monitors



Understanding Humidity Monitoring in the Data Center

Environmental monitoring and control in the data center is usually assumed to be synonymous with temperature control: how to make sure the air is at the optimal temperature at each place. Temperature, however, is only one of the two key parameters that determine the quality of air. Its twin, humidity, is much less understood.

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Data Center Solutions

The electricity required to power, cool, and operate a data center is immense. Retrofitting a data center with environmental monitors so you have the data you need to improve operations is likely easier than you think. Packet Power devices can help you achieve many data center monitoring best practices quickly. Contact us to discuss your options.

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