Wireless Environmental Monitor

Environmental Monitoring Flexibility

Battery or AC power? One reading per row or 12 readings per rack? No problem. Packet Power's range of wireless environmental monitors combines industry-leading flexibility with exceptionally low costs. Track temperature, relative humidity and differential pressure where needed. And installation is fast and easy.

Temperature Monitoring that Adapts to Your Needs

Low heat cabinet

Low Heat, Low Density

Low Density Cabinet: 1 probe per cabinet

Medium heat cabinet

Medium Heat, Medium Density

Standard Cabinet: 3 probes per cabinet

High heat cabinet

High Heat, High Density

High Density Cabinet: 6 probes per cabinet

Product Features

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Monitors temperature, humidity and differential pressure
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Uses AC or battery power
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Measure up to 12 temperature points per monitor
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Utilizes Packet Power’s proven wireless mesh network
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Each monitor covers 1 to 6 cabinets based on your needs
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Use with EMX Energy Portal to see real­time 3D facility heat maps
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Scales to thousands of monitoring points per facility
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Easy integration with third party BMS and DCIM systems
Low cost per monitoring point
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Leak detector probe senses the presence of water

From Installation to Information in Minutes ... even Seconds

  • Add environmental monitors
    where you need them
  • Monitors automatically join
    the network
  • Instant data access

Environmental Monitor Models



  • 1 temperature point
  • No external probe ports
  • Dew point and relative humidity included
  • Battery powered


  • Up to 3 temperature points
  • Two external probe ports
  • Dew point and relative humidity included
  • Battery powered


  • Up to 6 temperature points
  • Six external probe ports
  • Dew point and relative humidity optional
  • Differential pressure optional
  • Local display
  • AC powered (or PoE splitter)


  • Up to 12 temperature points
  • Twelve external probe ports
  • Dew point and relative humidity optional
  • Battery powered (or AC)

Temperature Probe Assemblies

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 probes / cabinet
  • Pre-bundled
  • Individually labeled
  • Use with E306 or E312

Individual Temperature Probes

  • Buy exactly what you need
  • 1 to 15 meter lengths
  • Any quantity
  • Use with E302, E306 or E312
Leak Detector Probe.gif

Leak Detector Probe

  • Sensing height can be adjusted to as low as 1/32 of an inch (1mm)
  • 2 to 15 meter lengths
  • Any quantity
  • Use with E302, E306 or E312


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Identify wasted or misdirected airflow
​Monitor compliance with industry standards
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Focus cooling on areas where most needed
Improve cooling system efficiency
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Verify the effects of containment systems and other air handling efficiency efforts
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Safely raise ambient temperatures

Match monitoring to your needs. Contact Us

A complete wireless monitoring solution

Packet Power product array
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Understanding Humidity Monitoring in the Data Center

Environmental monitoring and control in the data center is usually assumed to be synonymous with temperature control: how to make sure the air is at the optimal temperature at each place. Temperature, however, is only one of the two key parameters that determine the quality of air. Its twin, humidity, is much less understood.

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