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Wireless Branch Circuit
Monitoring Systems

Easily add monitoring to any panel

Optimize your energy use anywhere–from a single power distribution panel to a four-panel PDU.  Avoid unplanned outages.  Balance loads across phases. Find underutilized power. Track PUE. Get the information you need to reduce energy costs and extend equipment life.

Our Monitoring Made to Measure approach to building branch circuit monitors means your system arrives fully configured, assembled and ready to install in a fraction of the time required for other systems—dramatically cutting your installation time and costs. 

BGP128 with wires and CT harnesses 500px



Save money by buying only the amount of monitoring you need


Cut electrician costs in half with custom-made monitoring systems that ship ready to install


Wireless system avoids the need for data communications wiring and equipment


Fits panels from any vendor – inline, side-by-side, DIN-mounted or ad hoc


Access your data via SNMP, Modbus, Bacnet/IP, MQTT, or our EMX monitoring software


Secure, custom wireless protocol is proven in critical facilities across 25 industries worldwide


Wireless transmission of monitoring data is separate from wired data network


Includes pre-wired, pre-configured split-core CTs in a flexible wire harness



“The dependable accuracy and frequency of the metered IT load data, provided by Packet Power’s solution, enables us to ensure that our loads are always balanced.”

–Simon Levey, Head of Data Centre Development UK, Fujitsu

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Full Power Branch Circuit Monitors

  • Measure V, A, VA, W, PF, Wh, Hz
  • Monitor 100V to 480/277V circuits
  • Support any combination of single and three-phase circuits
  • Can be wall-mounted, directly attached, or installed under the floor
BGP64 with wires


310 x 160 x 115 mm
(12.2 x 6.3 x 4.5 in)

Supports  30–64 CTs

Great option for the following panels:

  • 30-pole side-by-side
  • 42/48 pole side-by-side
  • Inline panel up to 64 CTs
BGP128 with wires


310 x 302 x 115 mm
(12.2 x 11.9 x 4.5 in)

Supports  65–128 CTs

Great option for the following  panels:

  • Two 42/48-pole side-by side
  • Inline panel up to 128 CTs
BGP192 with wires


445 x 302 x 115 mm
(17.5 x 11.9 x 4.5 in)

Supports  129 - 192 CTs

Great option for the following panels:

  • Three 42/48 pole side-by-side
  • Four 42/48 pole side-by-side
  • Multiple inline panels up to 192 CTs

Current Only Branch Circuit Monitors

  • Measure A and Ah (optional full power monitoring on infeed circuits)
  • Monitor 100V to 277V branch circuits (100V to 480/277 on optional infeed circuits)
  • Single phase branch circuits
  • Can be wall-mounted, directly attached, or installed under the floor
BGP51 with wires


265 x 185 x 96 mm
(10.4 x 7.3 x 3.8 in)

Supports up to 48 current-only CTs

Up to 3 full power infeed CTs optional

Great for 42/48-pole
side-by-side panel

BGP198 with wires


341 x 281 x 130 mm
(13.4 x 11 x 5.1 in)

Supports 49 - 192 current-only CTs

Up to 6 full power infeed CTs optional

Great option for the following  panels:

  • Two 42/48-pole side-by side
  • Four 42/48 pole side-by-side

Installation time cut in half [or] Installation to online in minutes

Our Monitoring Made to Measure approach means your system will be custom built for your facility and easy to install. This will save you significant time and money. You give us some specs about your panel and your system will be customized to match in each of these areas: 

  • Voltage
  • Lead color and lengths
  • CT quantity
  • Harness configuration
  • Wire exit location
  • Mounting location
  • Over-current protection
  • Panel mapping


Sophisticated Panel Mapping Capability


Our panel editor makes it easy to specify the breaker rating and number of poles per circuit. If you have panels with similar circuit maps, you can easily apply panel definitions from one panel to another. And if you need to access data via SNMP, Modbus, Bacnet/IP, or MQTT, we make that easy too.

Data begins to flow immediately upon installation to your existing BMS or the Packet Power EMX Energy Portal. No waiting for expensive consultants to customize your system.

Packet Power’s wireless protocol was designed specifically for critical facilities with high-security needs like data centers, financial service firms, government agencies, educational institutions, telcos, and colos. 

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