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wireless monitoring

Rescuing Stranded Smart Devices In Your Facility

You’ve invested in smart monitoring devices – power strips, meters, ATS’s, temperature sensors, gas flow meters, and leak detectors. They’re in the desired location, next to the equipment you want to monitor. But your facility’s layout can make it... Read More

Installing Packet Power Environmental Monitors [VIDEO]

Monitoring the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and differential air pressure) anywhere is a breeze with Packet Power devices. They install easily, begin transmitting data wirelessly immediately without extra setup. This video shows... Read More

Wired vs. Wireless Power Monitors [VIDEO]

Power monitoring is essential for efficient, cost-effective facility management. The stakes are even higher in critical facilities where power or environmental anomalies can lead to expensive equipment damage and customer services failures. Power... Read More

Packet Power Branch Circuit Monitors Cut Installation Time in Half [VIDEO]

Easily add branch circuit monitoring to any RPP, PDU or power distribution panel to gather the information needed to allocate energy costs, avoid outages, balance loads, extend the life of existing equipment and plan future capacity. Packet Power’s... Read More

[VIDEO] Convert basic PDUs into Smart PDUs in minutes

Do you have basic power strips that you wish were metered? Would you be interested in a way of upgrading your existing power strips that doesn’t require running additional wires or removing your existing equipment? Packet Power’s Smart Power Cables... Read More
Packet Power Wireless Network Connector rescues stranded smart devices

Packet Power Wireless Network Connector adds flow meter support

Do you have a smart device that you can't get information from because it is not connected to a network? The Packet Power Wireless Network Connector (WNC) can link it to our wireless mesh network --- and the WNC can now work its wireless magic on... Read More
Packet Power Wireless Network Connector

Even fewer stranded smart devices with Wireless Network Connector

Packet Power's Wireless Network Connector provides an easy way to make supported metered devices not connected to a network work over Packet Power's wireless network. We've just added more supported devices so you'll have fewer stranded smart... Read More
Packet Power launches next generation wireless power meter

Packet Power releases 54 new wireless power monitoring products

Packet Power is expanding its industry-leading range of wireless remote power monitoring systems with the announcement of a new 3-phase wireless power meter and related products. The new single-meter, multi-meter and branch circuit offerings can be... Read More
Packet Power updates website showcasing more industries and business applications

Is Packet Power right for your industry? Our new website helps answer that.

Packet Power has established itself as the world leader in wireless power and environmental monitoring in data centers. However, you may not know that people responsible for running facilities ranging from convenience stores to sports stadiums also... Read More

Remote monitoring now essential for business operations

It has never been more important for your critical infrastructure to be up and running. Remote monitoring helps ensure your facilities are operating as they should be, even when no one is physically around. Remote monitoring isn't a new thing, but... Read More