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Submetering tailored to your needs

Monitoring made to measure

Packet Power offers a range of wireless full power and current-only monitors that support up to 8 current sensors and are line-powered on circuits up to 600V. 

Purchase the meter by itself or cut installation time in half by ordering the meter configured and fully assembled with your choice of:

  • Voltage source type
  • Split core, solid core or flexible coil current sensors in a wide range of ratings and sizes
  • Enclosure type
  • Over-current protection
Packet Power MP277 Compact Wireless Power Monitor


Packet Power is cost effective
Saves money by matching the type and amount of metering exactly to your needs
No data comm wiring is needed with Packet Power
No data communications cables
Packet Power arrives fully configured
Buy the monitor alone or a fully configured system ready to be installed
Monitor devices such as panels, generators, switchgear and HVAC
Ideal for monitoring high-value circuits to track loads from HVAC, generators, motors, and sub-panels
Packet Power works with any hardware or software
Data is accessible via SNMP, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, MTConnect or our EMX monitoring software
Packet Power wireless technology is secure
Secure purpose-built wireless protocol proven in critical facilities across industries worldwide

Compact Wireless Power Monitors

Packet Power

100 - 480/277V AC
1 - 8 CTs

Packet Power

480V and 600/347V AC
1 - 3 CTs

Packet Power

Current only
100 - 240V AC
1 - 6 CTs

Wireless Power Monitor Features

Packet Power measures 15-10,000A circuits
15A to 10,000A single­- and three­-phase circuits; 100V to 600V AC
Packet Power multi-circuit monitors have flexible form factors
Full power or current-only monitoring
Packet Power measures full range of power and energy variables
Full power measures V, A, VA, W, PF, Wh, Hz, THDi, THDv, IR pulse output
Net metering capable
Packet Power split core CTs minimize service disruption
Choice of split core CTs, flexible Rogowski coil sensors or solid core CTs
Packet Power offers enclosure options
Enclosure options available including DIN clip, gangbox and NEMA 4X
Packet Power monitors have OLED display
Local OLED or LED displays
Packet Power secure wireless technology is proven worldwide
Secure wireless transmission of monitoring data, separate from wired data network

Extensive range of AC current sensors

Split core CTs
      15A to 4000A  |  10mm to 150mm ID

Solid core CTs
      30A to 400A  |  8mm to 32mm ID

Rogowski coils
     100A to 10,000A  |  250mm to 1000mm coil length

Split core CTs and Rogowski coils include 2.5m leads

Quick disconnects make installation easier

Packet Power Rogowski coils 100A to 10,000A
Packet Power EMX Energy Portal gives instant access to monitoring data

Instant access to data

Data begins to flow immediately upon installation to your existing BMS (via SNMP, Modbus, Ethernet/IP or MTConnect) or the Packet Power EMX Energy Portal. Unlike many monitoring systems, there’s no need to wait for expensive consultants to customize the system before you can gain value from the monitoring information.

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