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Monitoring Made to Measure Simplifies Power Monitoring [VIDEO]

Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 by Packet Power Team

Your power monitoring needs are unique. You need a system built specifically to meet these needs. Sound expensive? Packet Power’s "Monitoring Made to Measure" approach to building power monitoring systems significantly reduces installation time, saving you time and money compared to other power monitoring solutions.

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With "Monitoring Made to Measure", you get a system that is built to your facilities’ exact specifications. The monitoring devices are easy to install and require no special configuration. They begin transmitting real-time data wirelessly and securely as soon as they’re installed and powered up.

Meeting Your Monitoring Needs

To get a monitoring system that meets your needs, begin by contacting a Power Packet representative. They will listen to your needs and ask questions about your goals in order to figure out the most cost-effective solution for you. The next step is providing information about the equipment you're monitoring that’ll be used to custom build your power monitoring system.

Packet Power provides an easy-to-use form that walks you through details about the number of circuits to be monitored, amperage, current transducer (CT) size, voltage service, and where the monitor will be installed so the lead wires are sized precisely for your facility. Gathering this information beforehand can reduce installation time by 50% or more. When your system is delivered it will be ready for installation with all the components clearly labeled -- no configuration or wire trimming will be needed onsite. 

Immediately after your system is installed, it will begin to collect and transmit power usage data in real-time via Packet Power's advanced wireless mesh technology. This technology has been proven to work in critical facilities around the world including data centers, financial services firms, government agencies, manufacturing plants, retail, universities, telcos and colos. 

Advantages of Power Monitoring

Power monitoring helps facility managers identify where they have unused power capacity and avoid unnecessary upgrades. Track trends to plan for new equipment needs and detect anomalies that could indicate potential equipment issues. Power monitoring helps improve overall efficiency, reduce energy usage, and reduce related carbon emissions. Some utility companies even offer subsidies to add power monitoring to large-use facilities.

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