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Wireless That Works

Wireless monitors make instrumenting a facility faster, simpler and less expensive. However, standard wireless protocols such as WiFi and ZigBee often fail to provide acceptable performance and stability. So we built our own. Packet Power utilizes a custom-developed wireless network protocol that is built specifically and solely for data center monitoring. This advanced design has been proven to deliver "wireless that works" in data centers worldwide.

A Better Monitoring Network




We custom­-developed a wireless networking protocol specifically to meet the demands of data centers. By keeping transmissions short, tuning the network only for monitoring, optimizing network routing with each transmission, automatically adjusting to changes on the fly, and utilizing radio frequencies best suited to difficult radio environments, we truly have “wireless that works”.




Our wireless monitoring units install quickly and automatically create a stable wireless mesh network. As monitoring units are added and removed over time, the network immediately adapts. No other solution installs faster and is easier to manage. And our EMX monitoring application will have you realizing value from your data before the consultants from other DCIM vendors can hold their installation planning meetings.




Growing from 50 to 1,500 monitoring points? No problem, our network is designed to make it easy to grow over time. There is no need to buy monitoring equipment before you really need it. As the size of your monitoring network grows, simply add another Ethernet Gateway and the network will automatically rebalance traffic flow. Firmware upgrades can be done on even the largest networks via the wireless network without disruption to normal operations.




We take network security seriously. First we separate your monitoring network from your core data networks. Then we provide a wireless environment that is not built on a standard protocol, uses atypical radio frequencies, is limited in scope solely to monitoring, and can’t be used as an intrusion point to your wired networks. Add the option to radio isolate different portions of the wireless network from each other, and you have the most secure monitoring solution available.




Our monitoring devices can be used with any DCIM or BMS application that supports open protocols such as BACNet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus or SNMP. Or use our EMX software to gather data from both our and other vendors monitoring units. We want to make it easy to add intelligence to your existing infrastructure.



Involta needed a monitoring system that could meet the needs of their new and existing facilities. Packet Power delivered.

When equipping its facilities in Duluth, Minnesota, and Akron, Ohio, Involta had very specific requirements. As a multi-tenant data center, the company needed to track its power consumption at the cabinet level for billing purposes as well as for its own capacity-planning needs. The information had to be highly accurate and specific to each client. It also had to be obtained using hardware that integrated well with the unique power-distribution design in those newer facilities. Packet Power was chosen because it met all these needs...

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Why We Are Here

Most metering systems are expensive and complex to deploy, making it difficult to know why you use as much energy as you do. We started Packet Power to change that. We decided to make installation easy by putting the meters directly into power cords. To gather the data from the power cords, we designed a wireless network smart enough to automatically configure and manage itself and robust enough to work in the most demanding environments. So you can instrument your facility quickly without relying on over­burdened IT resources or expensive electricians.

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Info for all V2

Energy Information for Everyone

Making meters easy to install and manage is only half the challenge. We also wanted to make it easy for a wide variety of people to see value from the information the meters produced. So we built a system that could enable IT able to make decisions based on energy information without having to become facilities engineers; let colos change sales strategies and operating models based on flexible and granular access to energy costs; allow end users to easily understand energy usage; and help operations instrument broadly without overwhelming IT. Our EMX Energy Portal application makes it easy to take action on energy information. It can be used as your primary monitoring application or as a complement to traditional BMS or DCIM systems.

About Us

Packet Power was formed in 2008 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Thanks to our customers and global network of partners, there are over 100,000 remote monitoring devices deployed in 30 countries across six continents for critical facilities in over 25 industries.

Our monitoring service analyzes more than 100 million data points every hour.

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