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Wireless Busway Monitoring

Combining the flexibility of busway power distribution and wireless monitoring.


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Monitoring Made Easy


Packet Power's wireless energy monitoring system provides an easy way of augmenting any busway system with advanced power monitoring capabilities. Wireless power monitoring in busway power distribution systems enhances efficiency and reliability by eliminating the need for extensive cabling, reducing installation costs and minimizing physical clutter, which simplifies maintenance and reduces the risk of faults. Wireless systems also offer greater flexibility, enabling easy reconfiguration and expansion without significant infrastructure changes. Real-time monitoring capabilities improve system reliability by providing immediate alerts for anomalies, facilitating proactive maintenance, and reducing downtime. Additionally, wireless monitoring enhances safety by minimizing direct human interaction with high-voltage components. 

Packet Power wireless energy monitors can be used throughout the entire busway power distribution hierarchy

Our wireless monitors can be added to and embedded within distribution panels feeding the busways, busway end-feeds, busway tap-off boxes, tap-off drop cords and cabinet-level PDUs. The resulting combination provides the flexibility of power distribution provided by the busway and the simplicity of Packet Power wireless monitoring.


Packet Power Wireless Busway Monitoring

Packet Power Wireless Busway Monitoring


Deployed Worldwide

Packet Power wireless systems have been deployed worldwide in thousands of busway units, with many systems including Starline, E+I/Vertiv, Siemens, VASS, Anord Mardix and many others.


Fully Compatible

Packet Power busway monitoring systems are compatible with the entire Packet Power energy and environmental monitoring hardware and software suite of products.


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