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EMX makes DCIM Easy

Many data center infrastructure management (DCIM) applications have to be extensively customized before they can provide useful information. Often this requires the use of expensive consultants and adds months to a monitoring deployment.

We took a different approach with EMX Energy Portal software. EMX focuses on power and environmental monitoring and it provides a great deal of useful information immediately on installation. We kept the process of tailoring it to your specific needs simple so you can do it yourself. EMX provides instant access to the primary monitoring information you need and the independence to customize as little or as much as you want when you want.

EMX monitoring software from Packet Power

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Easy access to real­-time and historical
energy and environmental information
Easily define and manage real­-time alerts even in the largest facilities
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Fastest way to get value from your monitoring infrastructure investment
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Safely and selectively share usage
information with other interested parties
Highly flexible reporting
Easily track adherence to industry standards and SLAs
Supports a wide range of cost­-allocation methodologies
Use with a wide range of SNMP and Modbus monitoring units
No need for expensive outside consultants

Does quick and easy sound better than costly and complex?

Give us 15 minutes to see if EMX is right for your needs.

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Product Features

Ready to use immediately
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View real­-time power and heat maps with 3D views of cabinet heat
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See real-time information on heat, humidity, pressure and power
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Set alert criteria for an entire room, a rack or an individual monitoring point
Quickly map monitoring units to your facility layout
Receive alerts via web, email or text
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Supports multiple facilities
Flexible reporting on all power and environmental attributes as well as cost and CO2
Track power at the device, branch circuit, panel/PDU or switchgear levels
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Easily and securely share reports and dashboards with end users
Display up to 8 input circuits per cabinet
Gathers data from third­party Modbus or SNMP monitoring units
Display temperature at up to 6 pointsper cabinet
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View wireless network status
EMX Building energy use

Your Server or Ours?

EMX is available as a cloud­based service and as a traditional software application you install and manage locally.

Choose the cloud option if you are focused on lower upfront costs, faster deployment time, and minimal impact on IT.

If your organization has policies against storing information in the cloud, or if you want to offer a full multi­tenant hosted service yourself, installing EMX locally is the best fit. It is also easy to start in the cloud and move to a local installation at a later time.

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