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Smart Monitoring Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

In manufacturing, efficiency is the name of the game. Factory operators seeking to maximize production uptime and reduce costs need precise data (both real-time and aggregated) to optimize operations. If you are going to make progress with... Read More

AI Increasing Demand on Energy Efficient Data Centers

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries and at a cost for data centers: a substantial increase in energy consumption. AI relies on deep learning and neural networks, demanding massive computational resources. To meet these... Read More

Energy Monitoring Systems & Data Center Compatibility

As the demands on data centers continue to grow, space is at a premium in existing facilities. In an attempt to maximize their computing per square foot and minimize their costs, many operators are installing power monitoring systems so they can... Read More

Improving PUE in Data Centres for Energy Savings

Facing soaring energy prices, data centre operators are doing everything they can to become more efficient. End-user demand continues to surge and improving power usage effectiveness (PUE)–which is increasingly harder to achieve–is required as part... Read More

A Global Financial Institution Case Study

A Look Into One Global Financial Institution’s Quest To Streamline Efficiency and Scalability With Maximum Security. A global financial institution approached Packet Power with a complex challenge where data security was paramount. The customer... Read More

EkkoSense & Packet Power Announce Technology Integration Partnership

Packet Power customers gain access to EkkoSense’s innovative AI-based 3D visualization and analysis software and unique Cooling Advisor self-optimization tool.Enables EkkoSense users to access Packet Power’s market-leading suite of wireless power... Read More
City Skyline with Green Space--ESG Benchmarking

Benchmark ESG Goals for Energy with Submetering

With the signs of climate change everywhere and energy prices widely expected to continue increasing, people are looking for more ways than ever to optimize their current power infrastructure in order to minimize costs, cut carbon emissions, and... Read More
Jaxon Martin TechAccess Packet Power

Tech Expert: Power Monitoring Solutions for Data Centres across Africa

Consistent, reliable power is the lifeblood of data centres and colocations. Many African nations continue to struggle with regular power disruptions and loadshedding that put these critical facilities in jeopardy of going down with little or no... Read More
Packet Power and TechAccess

TechAccess Partners with Packet Power to Bring Top-Tier Power and Environmental Monitoring Solutions to African Data Centres

TechAccess and Packet Power announced their new partnership today, bringing Packet Power’s full suite of innovative power and environmental monitoring solutions to sub-Saharan Africa amid ongoing energy crisis. Read More
Energy Price Increases

Using Power Monitoring to Combat Energy Price Increases

Feeding power into your operations has rarely felt more financially painful. The price of producing and delivering electricity skyrocketed in 2022, continuing a challenging trend from the past few years. Few markets have been safe from the rise in... Read More