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Understand Power: Volts, Amps, Watts, Watt-hours and Cost

Editor's note: This blog was originally posted in 2015. Although electrical definitions haven’t changed, it was updated in 2023 because the cost of electricity has increased and resources for monitoring power usage have been added. Read More

How a Spot Leak Detector Can Prevent Big Problems

Water (or another liquid) in the wrong place can be a serious problem for any company. Electronics and water don’t mix well at all. Liquid chemicals getting where they shouldn’t be can be a major safety hazard. Read More

Understanding Humidity Monitoring in the Data Center

Environmental monitoring and control in the data center are usually assumed to be synonymous with temperature control—how to make sure the air is at the optimal temperature at each place. Temperature, however, is only one of the two key parameters... Read More

Wishing you all the best

Season's greetings from all of us at Packet Power. We wish you the happiest of holidays and a prosperous new year. Please note that our offices will be closed December 23-26. Thank you for your ongoing support. Read More

Calculating Costs for Cold Air in Your Facilities

Conditioning the air in your building costs a lot of money, but a well-run facility helps you turn a profit. In industries like data centers, cooling systems can account for 30-50% of energy expenses. Cold air is also a huge expense for refrigerated... Read More

Packet Power Appoints Nate Nomeland as New CEO

Packet Power is pleased to announce Nate Nomeland as our new CEO beginning December 1, 2022. He succeeds Steve VanTassel who is retiring at the end of the year. Read More

How ESCOs Use Power Monitoring to Save Their Clients Money

If you buy, manage, or rely on energy for your business, uncertainty has been your recent reality. Erratic costs, supply, and delivery—even when it comes to renewable energy—add stress to planning efforts. Governments around the world have been... Read More
Monitoring in a Manufacturing Facility

Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations with Powerful Knowledge

If knowledge is power, then what is knowledge about power? It’s a problem solver and efficiency booster for your business. When you monitor power use of equipment in real-time, you can avoid unexpected shutdowns, extend the life of gear and systems,... Read More

Daxten at the forefront of promoting data center energy efficiency

Packet Power works with a global network of partners to help ensure customer needs are addressed with the right monitoring solutions. One of our oldest and strongest partnerships is with Daxten. The company offers cutting edge cooling optimization,... Read More

Total Harmonic Distortion - what happened to my perfect wave?

Our physical world is full of waves–big, small, visible, and invisible. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is a useful tool for measuring what is happening when a wave is not behaving exactly the way you expect it to. Read More