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Packet Power solutions are designed to be easy to install and operate, so it is a point of pride for us that over 90% of our customers do not require consulting services to install either our EMX Energy Portal software or our monitoring hardware.

However, when you do need help, we have the expertise to get the work done right and on schedule -- whether you're looking for Packet Power systems deployment or broader monitoring system planning, design and mobilization involving multiple solution providers.

Professional Services Offerings

Monitoring system planning, design and deployment
Monitoring System Planning,
Design & Mobilization

Successful projects stem from a disciplined plan, quality design, and an understanding of the implementation resources needed.

  • Formalize project objectives
  • Review and document existing monitoring system(s)
  • Perform site surveys
  • Create / validate monitoring network plan
  • Develop project plan
  • Determine protocol to be used to access data (SNMP, Modbus, BACnet, etc.)
  • Engage with any associated providers (DCIM, BMS, electrical, design/build, etc.)
  • Manage project through completed deployment
Installation services

Monitoring hardware

  • Verify desired device placement and power requirements (monitors and gateways)
  • Install gateways and connect to local TCP/IP network
  • Install, verify and document monitoring units
  • Ensure data is flowing to EMX (if using)

Local EMX software

  • Install LAMP stack
  • Install EMX
  • Validate gateway connectivity
  • Validate monitoring data flow
  • Customize EMX (accounts, users, reports, dashboards, etc.) if desired

Integrating Packet Power monitors with other software systems OR integrating third-party monitoring into Packet Power EMX

  • Document the data sources and DCIM/BMS system(s) in use
  • Determine the data gathering methods
  • Determine the protocol to be used (SNMP, Modbus, BACnet, MQTT, API, etc.)
  • Define the data mapping to be used (MIB OIDs or register mapping plan, scaling factors, etc.)
  • Set up gateway peering relationships
  • Deploy Data Diode transmitters and receivers (in isolated sites as needed)
  • Verify correct data flow
Verification and Commissioning services
Post Installation Verification & Commissioning

Quality design and installation are critical to a successful project outcome. Commissioning ensures this work is operating as planned.

  • Create as-built documentation
  • Verify data flow (completeness, accuracy, update rate)
  • Verify all expected devices are reporting
  • Ensure wireless network is performing as expected
  • Create or update SOPs per site standards

Every Packet Power implementation includes the web-­based training needed to make key users familiar with the capabilities of our products. We also offer customized training including:

  • Troubleshooting hardware
  • Performing firmware upgrades
  • EMX software for general users as well as system administrators
Project Management

Projects are seldom successful without someone leading the team's work to achieve project goals within the given constraints. This includes:

  • Establishing a schedule
  • Providing status reports
  • Coordinating resources
  • Managing changes and other issues
Custom Development

Custom Development

We will work with you to clearly specify requirements and build exactly what you need whether it's:

  • Customized meters
  • Third-party device interfaces
  • Unique capabilities

Dealing with a mix of monitoring vendors, unmonitored gear, multiple facilities, limited communications, obsolete applications, or other complexities?

Let us help you create an integrated monitoring plan.

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