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Packet Power makes monitoring easy

These videos highlight our approach to customizing monitors to each customer's needs, demonstrate how to install monitors, and provide insight into the advanced technology that makes wireless work for colocation services providers, data centers, financial institutions, government agencies, stadiums, telcos and universities worldwide.

Monitoring Made to Measure

Your facility, equipment and business needs are unique. Why settle for off-the-shelf monitors? Packet Power builds each power monitor exactly to your specifications including voltage service and leads, CT size and quantity, even where the wires should exit the enclosure.

The result is a wireless monitoring system that cuts installation time in half, lowers costs, and starts delivering critical information faster.


Installing a Branch Circuit Monitor

Packet Power branch circuit monitors offer the ideal way to add monitoring to any panel. Our Monitoring Made to Measure approach that customizes each monitor to your exact specifications cuts installation time in half.

The installation process shown for branch circuit monitors also applies to our multi-circuit monitors.


Installing an Environmental Monitor

Tracking temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions is critical for facilities managers. Packet Power wireless environmental monitors are easy to install and a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs and improve reliability in your facility.


Installing a Smart Power Cable

Smart Power Cables are the easiest way to add metering to any device that has a plug. They deliver true plug-and-play installation.


Packet Power Wireless Technology

Packet Power's wireless protocol was designed specifically for critical facilities. To enhance security, the advanced mesh protocol can only be used for monitoring. Our unique wireless network is proven to work in data centers and other facilities across industries around the world.

Ethernet Gateway Technology

Packet Power's Gateway makes data from our wireless monitors accessible to your BMS, DCIM or our EMX Energy Portal.

EMX New look and feel

Packet Power's monitoring software gets a navigation and content organization facelift. The platform is also more mobile friendly. This video highlights the changes.


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