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Smart Power Cables deliver true plug-and-play
power monitoring

Smart Power Cables revolutionize branch circuit monitoring. Other solutions can be costly to implement, complex to install and difficult to scale. Packet Power Smart Power Cables avoid these issues by incorporating metering in a power cord and accessing the energy usage data via a wireless network. Since the cables can be used with any device with a plug, there’s no need to uninstall existing equipment, and you can have one monitoring system that works across all your devices.

Packet Power smart power cords support most plugs and connectors (SPC hero V9)

Smart Power Cable Benefits

Packet Power captures energy data in real time
Accurately captures energy information in real-time
Use Packet Power with any BMS or DCIM that supports SNMP or Modbus
Use with any BMS or DCIM application that supports standard SNMP or Modbus protocols
Packet Power monitors anything with a plug
Monitors anything with a plug including SANs, mainframes and switches
Packet Power wireless protocol is secure
Secure, proven wireless network designed for data centers
Plug and play from Packet Power
Simple ‘‘plug and play’’ installation means no electricians required
Packet Power is cost effective
Highly cost­-effective
Packet Power network is self-configuring and self-optimizing
Self-­forming, self­-optimizing network minimizes IT resource requirements
Make any PDU a smart PDU with Packet Power

Make any PDU a smart PDU

Why buy a smart PDU when it is faster and cheaper to make your existing PDU smart? To get your rack ready for a smart PDU, you need to remove the existing gear, run an Ethernet cable, allocate the switch port, and assign an IP address. The associated costs are often more than the cost of a Smart Power Cable ­ before spending anything on the smart PDU itself.

With Packet Power smart power cables, you simply unplug the PDU, add the smart power cable and instantly begin monitoring.


Installing a Smart Power Cable

When we say we make monitoring easy, we really mean it.

HubSpot Video
Fujitsu case study with Packet Power
Featured Case Study

Fujitsu U.K.'s innovative use of Smart Power Cables reduced monitoring costs by 35%

Packet Power's remote monitoring system is the smart way to monitor power and environmental conditions. Fujitsu was "wowed" by the simple installation, low cost and instant insights.

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Packet Power captures V, A, W, PF, Wh, Hz and temperature
Captures information on voltage (V), current (A), power (W), power factor, energy (Wh), frequency (Hz) and temperature
Packet Power maintains data during power disruptions
Maintains key data during power disruptions
Packet Power smart power cords 10-100A single and 100-480V
10 to 100 amp capacity, single- and three-phase versions, 100 to 480V
Packet Power local LED display on smart power cords
Local LED display
Packet Power smart power cords support most plugs and connectors
Supports all IEC, NEMA, regional and specialized plug and connector formats
Packet Power smart power cords are proven worldwide
Proven with thousands of cables in use worldwide
Packet Power smart power cords won't disrupt power flow
Fail­safe design will not disrupt the flow of power

Grow Fast or Grow Slow

Even the most cost-­effective monitoring solution can present a budget challenge. Smart Power Cables mitigate that by making it easy to grow your monitoring deployment over time. Simply start with the circuits that need monitoring the most and grow from there. There’s no need to tie up money monitoring circuits that are a low priority or aren’t even in use.

grow-fast-grow-slow with Packet Power smart power cords
EMX monitoring software from Packet Power

Monitoring that’s easy on IT

Monitoring networks can encompass thousands of devices and as part of the facility infrastructure must be secure. Smart Power Cables provide a solution that minimizes IT time by utilizing a self­forming and self­managing wireless network. And they maximize security by segregating monitoring units from primary data networks on to a proven and highly secure purpose­built monitoring network.

Smart Power Cable Models

Smart Power Cables support the full range of IEC, NEMA, specialized and regional connectors. There
are more than 50 standard models, and custom cables can be made on request.

Packet Power single phase 30A smart power cable (SG30-L6L6)

S Cable

Single­-phase circuits from 10A to 32A

Packet Power 3-phase 60A smart power calble (RG60-460W)

R Cable

Single­ and three­-phase circuits from 16A to 100A

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