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Stadiums & Event Centers

Save money, allocate costs and optimize your visitors' experience

Managing large event facilities can be exciting and also present unique challenges. Demands on the power and HVAC systems vary vastly by type of event and time of year. Packet Power's environmental and power monitors help facility managers provide a quality experience for visitors while delivering information to optimize power usage and environmental conditions that also makes sense on the bottom line.

Packet Power helps Stadiums and Event Centers balance cost and quality

Energy Cost Allocation


Facility Submetering


HVAC Energy Optimization


Additional Applications

Benchmark energy use
Conduct capacity planning
Ensure buildings are operating smoothly
Extend the life of critical systems
Find unaccounted for power
Generator & transfer switch monitoring
Identify high energy users and encourage energy-saving behavior
LEED monitoring
Negotiate utility rates at a more granular level
Offer flexible pricing options for vendors
Peak load shaving
Temperature and humidity tracking
Understand peak demand periods

Monitoring made easy

Wireless power and environmental monitors anywhere you need them
Group 36
Ethernet Gateway automatically collects monitoring data

Packet Power's wireless power and environmental monitors are the ideal low cost solution

Packet Power multi-circuit power monitors BGS16
Multi-circuit power monitors
  • Simple way to monitor high energy load equipment
  • Custom built to your specifications cuts installation time in half
  • Self-configuring and self-managing wireless technology reduces ongoing management

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RG60-460W coiled smaller size
Smart Power Cables
  • True "plug-and-play" installation
  • Works with any device that has a plug
  • No need to uninstall existing equipment

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Temperature and humidity monitors
  • Optimize heating and cooling
  • Ensure compliance with SLA agreements and industry standards
  • Be alerted to changes that may indicate potential problems

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Monitor to deliver a quality experience

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