About Packet Power

We are a leading manufacturer of wireless power and environmental monitors and monitoring applications. By focusing on making products that are easy to install and manage, we have become the leading wireless power monitoring platform for data centers. There are tens of thousands of our monitoring units in use in over 30 countries, and our cloud service handles nearly 300 million energy readings every day. We were founded in 2008 and are headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Mission Statement

We make electrical power flow completely transparent and traceable by building the world’s simplest wireless energy and environmental monitoring system.

Our Team

Packet Power CEO Steve VanTassel

Steve VanTassel

Chief Executive Officer

Steve has over twenty-five years of experience in driving growth at both well-established and early stage technology companies.

Packet Power Founder and CTO Dr. Paul Bieganski

Paul Bieganski

Founder & CTO

Paul is a serial entrepreneur, investor and inventor with twenty-five years of technology and business experience in software, Internet, embedded systems, medical devices and bioinformatics. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is a past president of the Minnesota Venture Capital Association.

Product Development

Decades of experience in technology development spanning embedded programming, wireless, back-end and front-end systems development, mobile computing and large-scale data analytics.

Business Development and Sales

Our sales executives and advisors have demonstrated success in technology sales with over a century of combined experience helping maximize the value of investments in technology across multiple industries worldwide. 

Essential energy insights

Energy is the key component of everything. Energy flows through all goods, products, and services on the planet. Manufacturing efficiency and productivity increases. Hardware and software costs fall, but energy is an ever increasing component of the overall cost of all business activity, no matter how small or large. Whether it's a data center, a manufacturing plant or an office, understanding and managing the cost of energy is critically important to managing the entire enterprise.

Packet Power helps deliver essential energy insights
Packet Power makes data center growth easy

Making growth easy

As the size and complexity of electrical power distribution systems within enterprises grows, the systems used to track power usage and cost must be able to grow with them.

In order to support growth, a monitoring system must be:

  • Simple - provide all the information needed with minimal effort and no extra wires
  • Scalable - smoothly grow from single devices to thousands of devices
  • Open - allow monitoring data to freely flow in and out of the system
  • Global - support all power standards, safety codes and wireless spectrum regulations
Our passion is to design and develop a monitoring platform that meets those needs.

Let us help you grow by simplifying your power
and environmental monitoring systems.

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