Meeting the Unique Needs
of Colo Providers

Hosting companies use the information produced by monitoring systems to offer their customers the most compelling pricing structures, ensure SLAs are met, and lower costs by improving energy efficiency and extending facility life. Packet Power’s monitoring systems provide the flexibility, cross­-vendor support, price point, and ease of deployment that this demanding market requires.



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End customer access

EMX makes it easier than other DCIM tools to provide interested parties with access to information at varying levels. The multi­-tenant design makes it easy to provide end customers access to all information on their monitoring units, or use the reporting and dashboard capabilities to share more limited views.

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Real­-time alerts

EMX provides full support for real­-time alerts via email, SMS or private Twitter feed, and the unique “policies” feature allows alert criteria based on power or environmental conditions to be defined once and applied to circuits across an entire room.

Sell the way you want to

It is increasingly important for colocation companies to allocate energy costs in a way that your current and prospective end customers find compelling. Our colo customers use a wide range of approaches, and no matter how you set your pricing, we can provide the information you need.

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Packet Power offers the most secure data center monitoring system​ available today. Our wireless monitoring can co­-exist with any monitoring tool an end customer may want to deploy on their own. We also make it easy to issue end customers with their own unique security keys.

Meet power and cooling SLAs

Data from monitoring units can be used to demonstrate compliance with service level agreements based on meeting high­- and low­-temperature limits and power availability.

Manage hotspots

By combining a low cost per monitoring point with the flexibility to measure heat at one to six points per cabinet, we make it easy to identify hotspots, optimize cooling, and track adherence to ASHRAE standards.

Install as you grow

Cash flow is vital to hosting companies, and Packet Power offers the significant advantage of making it easy to roll out our monitoring products across time. With our system, there is no need to spend a large amount of money in advance of customer demand, and you can easily match monitoring costs to revenue growth.

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Vendor neutral

Packet Power’s monitoring devices work with hardware from any vendor and can easily support devices such as SANs, switches and mainframes that often can’t be monitored with smart power strips. Our hardware feeds data to any monitoring application that supports SNMP or Modbus, and our software can accept data in those formats from any vendor’s hardware.

Lower installation costs

Running an Ethernet cable to a cabinet costs $150 to $300 when you factor in the cable, labor, switch ports and network setup. In a retrofit scenario, you have the added cost of removing the existing equipment. Packet Power’s wireless meters allow you to avoid all of those costs, can be installed by anyone, and cost less to buy than other metering solutions.

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Flexible cost allocation

The ability to deploy power measurement in any combination of device, circuit, cabinet or room level and EMX’s flexible “tagging” capability combine to make it easy to track energy usage by end customer, efficiency project, budget category, subsidiary, technology platform, or whatever else may be required.

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Success Story

Involta needed a flexible monitoring system for their new and existing facilities. Packet Power delivered

Involta had very specific requirements for metering in it new facilities in Duluth, MN, and Akron, OH. As a provider of hosting services, the company needed to track its power consumption at the cabinet level for billing purposes as well as for its own capacity-planning needs.

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