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Packet Power releases 54 new wireless power monitoring products

Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 by Packet Power Team

Packet Power is expanding its industry-leading range of wireless remote power monitoring systems with the announcement of a new 3-phase wireless power meter and related products.  The new single-meter, multi-meter and branch circuit offerings can be used in customers' existing  wireless networks and work in concert with our environmental and direct current monitors and our EMX monitoring platform. 

What's new

  • "Monitoring Made to Measure" highlights how our built-to-spec units can cut installation time in half

  • New three-phase wireless power monitor
    • 6 new models with support for 3, 6 or 8 CTs or 8 Rogowski coils per meter
    • Same compact size
    • Native support for Rogowski coils -- no longer require an integrator module
    • OLED display that automatically adjusts to device orientation
    • Key meter settings easily adjustable
    • Single-meter enclosures and voltage disconnects are now purchased separately
    • Wider range of voltage types now includes 480/277V three-phase

  • 40 new models of multi-circuit and branch circuit monitoring systems
    • Full power, current-only and combined models ranging from 12 CTs to 198 CTs
    • Easily support PDUs with four 42-pole panels from one monitoring unit
    • CT Interconnect boards simplify installation and reduce wire volume
    • Smaller, more compact enclosures

  • 4 new Rogowski coil offerings in lengths from 250mm to 1000mm and rated at 100A to 10,000A

  • CTs now ordered separately on all products to simplify quoting and allow customers to purchase only the quantity needed

  • 4 new models of the Ethernet Gateway V4 with support for BACnet/IP and MQTT protocols (available early 2021)

What hasn't changed

  • Single-phase Smart Power Cables remain the same while the three-phase Smart Power Cables will transition to the new meter over time while retaining the same part numbers

  • The existing 480V and 600/347V meter continues as before except with the new product number MP480-3MV

  • The existing current-only meter continues as before except with the new product number MC240-6MV (and -6MA)

  • Packet Power's advanced wireless communication protocol designed for mission critical facilities across a range of industries

  • Existing three-phase power meter products continue to be fully supported and can be purchased while supplies last

Most new products are available to order immediately and will ship in December.

End of life notice for Ethernet Gateway V3
8 years after it was introduced and 5 years after the launch of the Ethernet Gateway V4, the V3 gateway is now functionally stabilized. It will be withdrawn from support on December 31, 2021.

You can find more information about our new products or reach out to our team below to to discuss power monitoring options. 

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