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branch circuit monitoring

Packet Power Branch Circuit Monitors Cut Installation Time in Half [VIDEO]

Easily add branch circuit monitoring to any RPP, PDU or power distribution panel to gather the information needed to allocate energy costs, avoid outages, balance loads, extend the life of existing equipment and plan future capacity. Packet Power’s... Read More
Packet Power launches next generation wireless power meter

Packet Power releases 54 new wireless power monitoring products

Packet Power is expanding its industry-leading range of wireless remote power monitoring systems with the announcement of a new 3-phase wireless power meter and related products. The new single-meter, multi-meter and branch circuit offerings can be... Read More

When good enough can be great: Current-only vs Full Power monitoring

You've decided to monitor energy use in your facility. The good news is that you've got a number of options to do this. The not-so-good news is that the options can sometimes seem overwhelming. One such choice is to monitor current only or full... Read More

Split core CTs and why size matters

Current transducers (CTs) are a critical component of power monitoring. They come in a variety of formats, sizes, current ratings and accuracy levels. The aspect we would like to focus on here is size, specifically inside diameter. Read More

New Packet Power products deliver cost-effective, time-saving BCMS solutions

Packet Power is excited to add two models to our set of branch circuit monitoring retrofit solutions and an industry-leading way to share monitoring data between two distinct and secure IP networks. Read More

An exciting new option for RPP, PDU and panel retrofits

Do you have 42-pole panels in RPPs, PDUs or on the wall that you wish were monitored? Packet Power now offers a simple way to add full power monitoring at the branch circuit level to existing equipment. Read More