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New product launch

Packet Power Wireless Network Connector rescues stranded smart devices

Packet Power Wireless Network Connector adds flow meter support

Do you have a smart device that you can't get information from because it is not connected to a network? The Packet Power Wireless Network Connector (WNC) can link it to our wireless mesh network --- and the WNC can now work its wireless magic on... Read More
Packet Power Wireless Network Connector

Even fewer stranded smart devices with Wireless Network Connector

Packet Power's Wireless Network Connector provides an easy way to make supported metered devices not connected to a network work over Packet Power's wireless network. We've just added more supported devices so you'll have fewer stranded smart... Read More
Packet Power launches next generation wireless power meter

Packet Power releases 54 new wireless power monitoring products

Packet Power is expanding its industry-leading range of wireless remote power monitoring systems with the announcement of a new 3-phase wireless power meter and related products. The new single-meter, multi-meter and branch circuit offerings can be... Read More
Network Integration overview

Packet Power launches Wireless Network Connector

No more stranded smart power strips! Packet Power now provides an easy way to make supported metered devices not connected to a network work over Packet Power's wireless network. Simply plug the Wireless Network Connector (WNC) into the Ethernet or... Read More
BG02 collage with wires

Packet Power launches new compact wireless multi-circuit monitors

The new monitors offer an easy way to add monitoring to some or all of the circuits on switchgear, panelboards, HVAC units, generators and other devices. Read More

New Packet Power products deliver cost-effective, time-saving BCMS solutions

Packet Power is excited to add two models to our set of branch circuit monitoring retrofit solutions and an industry-leading way to share monitoring data between two distinct and secure IP networks. Read More
Clear power meter enclosure.jpg

New look, same secure wireless technology

Packet Power has moved from opaque to clear plastic enclosures for our "M", "R" and "P" wireless power monitors. The material is unchanged, only the level of coloration has been modified. Read More

Catch water leaks before they become a severe problem

Do you have critical equipment that could be damaged by a water leak? Packet Power is pleased to add a leak detector probe to our environmental monitoring offerings delivering a simple, cost-effective way to minimize the risk of damage from an... Read More

480V Wireless Power Monitor

Packet Power is pleased to now offer a power monitor capable of measuring energy usage on 480V AC circuits. The new product maintains the same compact form factor as our existing three-phase monitor and extends our wireless metering to include 480V... Read More

New Environmental Monitors install in seconds

Measuring temperature and humidity just got even easier and more affordable with Packet Power's new wireless Environmental Monitors. They gather temperature data from one to three points per unit and measure relative humidity just where you need it.... Read More