Next generation power meter


What new products were added?

  • 6 new models of 3-phase power meters
  • 21 new multi-circuit monitors
  • 19 new branch circuit monitors
  • 4 new Rogowski coil sensors in lengths from 250mm to 10,000mm and rated at 100A to 10,000A
  • 4 new models of the V4 Ethernet Gateway supporting BACnet/IP and MQTT protocols (available early 2021)

Will the new meters work with my existing Gateway and other Packet Power monitors?
Yes. The new power meter is backward compatible with existing mesh network devices and technologies.

When will the new products be available?
They can be ordered immediately and will begin shipping over the next few weeks.

Will outstanding orders be fulfilled with the new products?
Orders that have already been placed will be shipped with the product as ordered.

How do I install the new meter?
Installation is similar to prior products. Contact Packet Power for detailed wiring instructions.

Where can it be used?
The new power meter can be used on circuits with voltage from 100 - 277V LN and 480/277V three-phase. It supports current sensors ranging from 15 amps to 10,000 amps.  We will continue to offer our existing 3-CT meter for use on 480V and 600/377V circuits.

Will my existing monitors still be supported?
Yes. Existing 3-phase power meter products continue to be fully supported. 

Have the Smart Power Cables changed?
There is no change to the single-phase smart power cables. Three-phase smart power cables will use the new meter over time but keep the same part numbers.

Can the prior-generation products still be purchased?
The existing 3-phase power meters can be purchased while supplies last.

Who do I talk to with other questions?
Contact your Packet Power representative or send your question using the form below. 

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