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A low cost way to monitor high-value circuits

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2016 by Alan Katz

There are many reasons to monitor power in data centers ranging from monitoring the state of critical equipment to calculating energy efficiency metrics such as PUE. So what do you do when the data you need isn't available because the switchgear, panel board or RPP housing the circuit is not monitored and you can't afford to upgrade it? Our Selective Circuit Monitoring delivers an easy, cost-effective solution.

Selective Circuit Monitoring makes it easy to add monitoring only where you need it. Whether your need to monitor high-amperage main input circuits or to isolate usage on a few circuits within a panel, the necessary equipment can be installed quickly and often without disrupting power. And because the energy usage data is gathered over a secure wireless network, there is no need to run data communications wires. 

The small meters are housed in enclosures ranging from a single compact gang box to multi-meter enclosures that can support monitoring as many as nine 3-phase circuits per unit. The enclosures can be mounted in a variety of ways to fit even the most space-constrained environments. You can choose from full energy or current-only meters to suit your specific needs. And by focusing only on metering what matters most, you can keep costs low. 

Data from the meters can be sent to any system using standard SNMP or Modbus protocols. If you don't have a monitoring system in place, our EMX Energy Portal can be deployed in minutes.  If you have critical unmetered equipment, contact us to find out how we can make it easy to access the information you need.

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