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Virtual IP addresses make wireless monitoring work with legacy DCIM apps

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 by Steve VanTassel

Here's a problem we see fairly often: a data center manager wants to take advantage of wireless power and environmental monitoring, but he/she has invested in a legacy DCIM that was designed on the premise that every monitored device would has its own IP address.  Since one benefit of self-configuring wireless systems is that the monitoring devices do not have IP addresses, getting the data from the wireless system into the existing monitoring application can be hard.

Packet Power is happy to announce a solution to this apparent incompatiVIPbility: the new Virtual IP Address (VIP) feature of our Ethernet Gateway (SNMP Enterprise model).  Using VIP, every monitoring nodes is assigned a unique virtual IP address through which the legacy application can access its monitoring data via SNMP.   In addition, regardless of how many Gateways are installed in a location or which Gateway a particular monitoring device is reporting through, the monitoring application can with just one Gateway and still access information from every monitoring device.  This brings much of the simplicity of a self-managing mesh network to the more complex world of IP-based networks.

VIP makes it possible for data centers running applications such as Raritan's PowerIQ and APC's ISX Central to gather data from Packet Power's wireless monitoring system.  So go ahead and make wireless part of your DCIM strategy -- odds are VIP will make it possible for us to get the data to whatever application you may have.  

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