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Steve VanTassel

Steve has over twenty-five years of experience in driving growth at both well-established and early stage technology companies.


1950's department store gets new life as a data center

Venyu's new 87,000 sq ft Shreveport, Louisiana, data center started out as a department store that opened in 1955. Packet Power is pleased to provide the power monitoring infrastructure in this innovative Tier III facility. The project went so well... Read More

It's a thing to be a "thing" on the IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is booming. As consumers, we often think of it as "things" such as Nest thermostats, SmartThings-controlled home appliances, Fitbits or Apple watches. Of course, the IoT also extends deeply into commercial environments... Read More

Track rack temperature in the right places and for the right price

Accurate information on rack-level temperature in your data center can help lower operating costs, avoid outages and meet SLA agreements. Packet Power's wireless Environmental Monitor makes getting that information easy. And it costs as much as 70%... Read More

Visit Packet Power at DCD San Francisco

We are in booth 617 at DataCenterDynamics San Francsico today! We're showing the widest range of wireless power and environmental monitoring solutions available to the data center industry. Stop by to discuss the easiest, most affordable means of... Read More

Packet Power Launches New Web Site

We are excited to announce the first major update to our web site in several years. Read More

New Video Highlights Involta's Duluth Data Center

Our customer Involta has just released a very nice video highlighting one of their data centers in Duluth, Minnesota. Watch it to see an innovative approach to data center design --- and pay particular attention around the 1:50 mark for a quick... Read More

Packet Power Wins German Data Center Award

Packet Power and its partner Daxten were announced as the winners of the 2015 Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis award for Data Center Software at the annual awards ceremony on 20 April in Darmstadt. The award recongizes the leadership the partners have... Read More

MN Cup Update on Packet Power

We are happy to be the focus of the MN Cup's "Where are they now" feature. The MN Cup is an annual contest aimed at helping entreprenuers in Minnesota. Over 9,000 people have participated from companies that have gone on to raise over $170 million... Read More


Congratulations once more to Fujitsu UK and our partner Daxten for the well-deserved recognition that Fujitsu's Project Empower received. It is a testament to the value that data center monitoring can provide when it is done well. Read More

Packet Power Unveils New Power and Environmental Monitors

We are excited to announce several major product enhancements: a full refresh of our three-phase power monitoring offerings new environmental monitors new Ethernet gateways a significant new firmware release for all power monitoring products and... Read More