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Stranded Smart Device

Rescuing Stranded Smart Devices In Your Facility

Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 by Packet Power Team

You’ve invested in smart monitoring devices – power strips, meters, ATS’s, temperature sensors, gas flow meters, and leak detectors. They’re in the desired location, next to the equipment you want to monitor. But your facility’s layout can make it difficult to connect metered devices to your network. Running data communications wire may not be possible due to physical limitations. Or the cost of running wire is too prohibitive.

The result is a stranded monitor. Packet Power has a cost-effective solution.

Connecting Stranded Monitoring Devices

Abandoned devices defeat the value of monitoring since they do not contribute information through the network. If the device is monitoring but not communicating, staff could physically check each abandoned device to get real-time data. But this is inefficient, incomplete, and invites mistakes.

Packet Power’s Wireless Network Connector (WNC) provides an easy way to make supported metered devices not connected to a network, work over Packet Power’s wireless network. You can keep your existing smart device and avoid the impossible task of hard-wiring it to your network.

Simply plug the WNC into the Ethernet or serial port of your supported smart device. Monitoring data from your smart device will automatically flow across Packet Power’s wireless mesh network.

Wireless Network Connector supported devices

An Ethernet Gateway makes the data accessible to your existing Building Management System via common protocols. If you don’t have a monitoring application, you can access data through the EMX Energy Portal.

Although the WNC does not work with all wired monitors, the list of supported devices is constantly growing.

Wireless Network Connector supported devices

Contact our team if you’d like to add a new smart device.

Wireless Monitors for Difficult Environments

The logistical complexities and/or costs of connecting wired devices is often the reason for stranded smart devices. Packet Power’s wireless power and environmental monitors offer distinct advantages to competing wired solutions including:

  • Flexibility: You need monitors in specific areas within a facility, and some areas make connecting to the network difficult. These are more likely to be stranded. A wireless network makes connecting every device possible.

  • Simplicity: Facility personnel can install Packet Power monitors quickly and easily. The devices automatically connect to the wireless monitoring network. No configuration or data communications wiring is needed.

  • Scalability: You can deploy as many monitors as needed and add more at any time. Packet Power’s wireless mesh technology manages itself to optimize connections.

  • Security: Packet Power’s advanced wireless technology provides for a complete separation of the wireless monitoring network from the wired data networks.

  • Reliability: Packet Power has never failed to be able to establish a well-performing network including in facilities where other wireless solutions have failed.

We can help rescue your stranded meters

You don’t have to give up on smart devices that can’t be wired to your network. Contact us to see how we can help.check out your options for power monitoring

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