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Packet Power Wireless Network Connector adds Schneider and RLE devices

Posted on Thursday, October 17, 2019 by Packet Power Team

Packet Power's Wireless Network Connector (WNC) provides an easy way to make select non-Packet Power metered devices that aren't connected to a network work over Packet Power's wireless network. The WNC now supports several Schneider power meters and RLE leak detection controllers in addition to APC, Geist and Servertech devices.

No more stranded metered devices
Simply plug the WNC into the Ethernet or serial port of a supported device and data will automatically flow across the wireless network.

WNC supported devices
Recently added devices are noted in blue

Brand             Device type                                         Models*                                                                           
APC Power strip AP78XX, AP79XX, AP88XX
Geist Power strip Devices using IMD-02 and IMD-03 meter platform
RLE Multi-zone leak detection controller LDRA6
Schneider Power meter PM5XXX
Servertech Power strip Supported PRO2 CDUs
 * May not be compatible with all firmware release levels and configuration settings

Support for other brands of power strips, standalone meters, UPSs, RPP/PDUs, ATSs, Gensets and others will continue to be added over time. Contact to discuss.

WNC features

  • Detects supported metered devices
  • Instantly connects to Packet Power's self-configuring, self-optimizing wireless mesh network
  • Local LCD immediately verifies correct operation
  • Supports up to 2 optional temperature probes
  • Can be mounted with a low profile bracket, via a DIN rail clip, or by optional magnet
  • Powered by external 100-240V power supply that works with most plug types including C13; some power strips can power the WNC directly from USB or other ports

Easy access to data
Customers with existing monitoring applications can access data sent by the WNC via a Packet Power Ethernet Gateway using standard protocols such as SNMP, Modbus and Ethernet/IP. Packet Power's EMX Energy Portal provides an easy to use option for customers that have yet to deploy a monitoring application.

Let us help you
Contact a Packet Power partner in your area or email to learn how Packet Power's Wireless Network Connector can help ensure you get information from all your monitoring devices.

Download this information 

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