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Packet Power EMX delivers instant monitoring insights

EMX delivers even easier access to insight

Packet Power's EMX energy portal makes reviewing and using information even more intuitive with a number of enhancements to how data is viewed, analyzed and shared. Read More
Packet Power EMX is the fastest path to power and environmental monitoring insights

Packet Power Delivers Smarter EMX Alerts

EMX provides the ability to apply the criteria that trigger an alert to multiple monitoring units. Now, the emails that are sent when an alert occurs will show more information about how widespread the alert is. Read More
Packet Power EMX Energy Portal monitoring software enhancements

Packet Power EMX Monitoring Software Dashboard Enhancements

Packet Power has enhanced the dashboard feature of its EMX Energy Portal. EMX is the easiest, fastest path to energy and environmental monitoring insights. The cloud service or locally installed software delivers real-time and historical information... Read More
Touchpad instructions

Touchpad replaces joystick for Packet Power Gateway and other devices

Packet Power has moved to a new touchpad interface for our Version 4 Ethernet Gateway, Hub and Data Diode devices. While the touchpad replaces the joystick, all other functionality remains the same. Read More

Phasor diagrams now available

Packet Power recently released several changes to EMX, our power and environmental monitoring software. A notable change is the addition of phasor diagrams. Read More

Interactive charting improvements in EMX

We have added new capabilities to the powerful interactive charting in EMX. This 2-minute video lays out new ways to analyze, annotate and share data on your energy usage trends. Read More

Helping Involta manage power in eight data centers for hundreds of clients

Co-location companies need the ability to track power usage at the cabinet level to accurately bill customers, meet their SLAs, and plan for growth. Involta, a rapidly growing multi-tenant data center services provider, wanted one monitoring... Read More

How Data Realty helps its customers avoid unplanned outages

One of the things that can keep co-location data center managers up at night is the worry that customers will unknowingly exceed their capacity and trip a breaker resulting in the possibility of an unplanned outage. Read More

What do you need to know to manage your data center more effectively?

You probably need to know which circuits could handle more power and which are at risk of tripping. Are you also being asked to reduce cooling costs but aren't sure where you can safely increase ambient temperature? How confident are you in your... Read More