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How Data Realty helps its customers avoid unplanned outages

Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 by Alan Katz

One of the things that can keep co-location data center managers up at night is the worry that customers will unknowingly exceed their capacity and trip a breaker resulting in the possibility of an unplanned outage.

Data Realty operates a state of the art colocation data center in Indiana serving mid- and large-size financial and academic institutions and cloud service providers. Data Realty’s Chief Technology Officer, Tom Panozzo, wanted to do more than just monitor how much power each customer uses. Tom  wanted to proactively ensure his customers don’t exceed their capacity and unknowingly take down a circuit and potentially cause an unplanned outage.

Data Realty worked with Packet Power to add a realtime alert capability to its EMX Energy Portal that is based on the combined utilization of all infeed circuits to a cabinet.  Using this approach, a customer with a heavy draw on one source but a light draw on another only triggers the alert if the combined usage exceeds the target limit for the cabinet. Since partnering with Packet Power, Data Realty has been able to use this information to help customers better manage their loads and has not had a single customer experience unplanned equipment downtime due to power-related failures.

 Data Realty mechanical system monitored by Packet Power solutions

Data Realty is also leveraging Packet Power’s wireless Environmental Monitors to track temperature and humidity throughout their facility to avoid outages and meet SLA agreements.  The flexible solution makes it easy to monitor the factors that need to be tracked at the locations that matter most -- and at a significant cost-per-monitoring-point savings. Both the environmental monitors and the power monitors communicate via a self-configuring wireless network.

Partnering with Packet Power helps Data Realty protect their customers. Packet Power also helps Data Realty’s CTO sleep better at night. Send us an email at if you’d like one less thing to keep you awake at night. 

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