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Packet Power's EMX energy portal makes reviewing and using information even more intuitive with a number of enhancements to how data is viewed, analyzed and shared.

The EMX Energy Portal is updated regularly with new functionality and performance improvements. Here are highlights of recent releases for our cloud service.

Node attributesPacket Power EMX create node attributes
Create data fields of your choice

    • Create data fields tied to monitoring units
    • Use for facility location (device, rack, room, building, campus, site), power hierarchy, billing assignment categories, warranty expiration date, track installation dates by device or group
    • View in custom tables and generate reports at the level of detail of your choosing

Custom tablesPacket Power EMX custom tables
Adjust how you view data in EMX 

    • Incorporate new data fields (node attributes) that you've created
    • Remove columns from standard views
    • Reorder columns to suit

Circuit detail charts
Packet Power EMX circuit detail charts
Need data by the hour? month?
You have even more options now in EMX

    • More options for time intervals
    • Easily export data to SCV, XLXS, etc.
    • Export graphs to jpeg, png, etc.

More flexible dashboard creation
Packet Power EMX flexible dashboard creation
Information is powerful especially when it's presented just the way you need

    • More gauge types available
    • Customizable colors for gauges, text and graph ranges
    • Easily copy gauges and dashboards

Panel editor
Packet Power EMX panel editor provides real time panel view
Easily define the mix of circuits on your panel

    • Quickly build panel schedules
    • Easily change circuit types
    • Name your circuits
    • See real-time readings in the panel view


PUE wizard
Packet Power EMX PUE wizard
Step-by-step tool to easily define IT and non-IT loads and generate PUE values

    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Easily define IT and non-IT loads
    • Real-time and historical PUE
    • Share as a dashboard

Use data from non-Packet Power devicesPacket Power EMX can use data from non-Packet Power devices
EMX is not limited to showing data from Packet Power devices only.  You can also display data from other manufacturers' equipment.

    • Supports a wide range of data types
    • Access using SNMP or Modbus
    • Ideal for CRAH, UPS, flow meters and ATS's

Additional EMX Enhancements

  • Integration templates for third-party UPS and CRAH devices
  • EMX API now supports MQTT to share data easily with IoT platforms
  • Publish layout views to securely share access to layout with people who are not EMX users.
  • Cloud throughput, architecture and system recovery improvements

Here's a recap of these enhancements.

EMX is the easiest, fastest path to energy and environmental insights. It delivers full power and environmental monitoring capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of competing solutions and without the need for external consultants. EMX is available as a cloud-based service or local software application.

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