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What do you need to know to manage your data center more effectively?

Posted on Monday, November 9, 2015 by Troy Wyborny

You probably need to know which circuits could handle more power and which are at risk of tripping. Are you also being asked to reduce cooling costs but aren't sure where you can safely increase ambient temperature? How confident are you in your documentation for meeting service level agreements? Is all this information instantly accessible?

Packet Power's EMX Energy Portal provides instant access to the primary power and environmental monitoring information you need to ...

... optimize available power per circuit without the risk of tripping circuits.Power by circuit in EMX

... generate energy savings by increasing ambient temperature safely because you know your peak rack temperature via 3D thermal maps.
3D thermal circuit map

... maintain up time by setting policies that ensure safe operating parameters.
Policies to ensure safe operating parameters

... accurately allocate costs by user and improve billing accuracy.
Cost allocation via EMX

... increase PUE resolution to better gauge operating efficiency efforts.
... monitor and optimize airflow using low cost strategically placed pressure sensors.
... easily track adherence to industry standards and customer SLAs.

And EMX gives you the ability to customize as little or as much as you want, when you want. You can gather data not just from Packet Power monitoring devices, but from any third-party Modbus or SNMP monitoring units.

Ready to run
What differentiates Packet Power's EMX Energy Portal from other power management reporting systems is its true plug-and-play installation that delivers instant access to monitoring data. EMX can be online and commissioned in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional BMS or DCIM systems.

Packet Power's self-configuring wireless network effortlessly integrates with the EMX Energy Portal. There are no costly commission and integration expenses. The moment you install monitors, EMX will automatically recognize the new device and make the data available.

Monitoring and analysis made easy
Accessible from any web browser, the standard dashboards allow you to quickly see your top level or detailed power and environmental data, available power infrastructure, usage trends over time, and more. EMX also simplifies energy cost allocation and reporting with an array of standard and customizable reports.

Usage over time

EMX has been proven globally in enterprise and co-location facilities.  Email to learn why so many customers choose EMX or visit 

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