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An exciting new option for RPP, PDU and panel retrofits

Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2016 by Alan Katz

Do you have 42-pole panels in RPPs, PDUs or on the wall that you wish were monitored? Packet Power now offers a simple way to add full power monitoring at the branch circuit level to existing equipment. 

Packet Power is excited to offer a wireless branch circuit monitoring system capable of monitoring 42- and 84-pole panels. The system is optimized for retrofitting monitoring on existing devices and features a highly flexible current sensor harness that fits easily into tight spaces. The split core current sensors can be installed without disruption of critical power, and the system measures A, V, VA, W, Wh, power factor and frequency on any combination of one-, two- and three-pole circuits. The monitoring units are housed in an enclosure that sits outside the panel and can be up to 15 feet away. Best of all, the system utilizes Packet Power's proven wireless metering technology to avoid the need to run data comm wires to the panel. 

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Topics: wireless monitoring, power monitoring, branch circuit monitoring, data center retrofit

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