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Technical Information

Packet Power Branch Circuit Monitors Cut Installation Time in Half [VIDEO]

Easily add branch circuit monitoring to any RPP, PDU or power distribution panel to gather the information needed to allocate energy costs, avoid outages, balance loads, extend the life of existing equipment and plan future capacity. Packet Power’s... Read More
Current Transducer

Current Transducers: Split Core, Solid Core, and Why You Should Care

At the heart of every power monitoring device is the current transducer (CT). If you have ever wondered why they are used or how they work, here's a quick review of AC CT basics. Read More

Demystifying the Packet Power LED data stream

Packet Power uses the local LED display on our newer meters to show more than just amps by phase. That's good, but it can get a little cryptic. Is "con" a good thing? If so, why don't you see it all the time? What does "no" mean? Why does Packet... Read More

Welcome to a wealth of Packet Power support resources

How do I install an environmental monitor? What's the process to configure IP addresses for the Ethernet Gateway? How do I access SNMP or Modbus data? How big is a Gateway? Great questions. The newly revamped Packet Power Support page provides... Read More