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We Recommend: Top 10 Reasons to Monitor Busway Tap Boxes

Posted on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 by Packet Power Team

Energy usage data helps ensure your critical facility runs smoothly. DCIM provider, Sunbird, recently published an ebook  that does a nice job of outlining the benefits of using power monitoring on overhead busways. 

The ebook, Top 10 Reasons to Monitor Busway Tap Boxes, is worth a read. In short, it lists these benefits:

  1. Monitor actual cabinet power load and receive warning and critical alerts based on threshold violations so you will be the first to know of any potential problems.
  2. Monitor actual rack PDU inlet current to ensure loads do not exceed redundancy thresholds to be assured that uptime will not be impacted in a failover scenario.
  3. Monitor actual loads at every breaker point in the power path including panels and UPSs to ensure breaker ratings are not exceeded.
  4. Manage cabinet-level stranded power capacity to better manage short and long-term capital expenditures.
  5. Understand 3-phase load balancing and know how to balance to maximize uptime.
  6. Monitor and fully utilize breaker and panel power capacity to maximize power resource utilization.
  7. Measure and trend your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to see the impact of efficiency efforts.
  8. Automatically collect and store measurements to save people time and money.
  9. Increase people productivity with reports and trend charts available via a web browser.
  10. Monitoring tap boxes with DCIM software makes it easy to send management reports of all critical data.

You can access the full version at Sunbird's web site (you will need to provide contact information). We enjoy working with the Sunbird team, and our power and environmental monitors work well with their software. 

Packet Power's wireless monitors are the perfect way to monitor power in busways, and leading busway brands such as Starline, E+I, Mardix and Vass can add our meters to tap off boxes or end feeds right at the factory. Reach out to your regional Packet Power representative or to learn how there's no easier way to make your facility smarter.

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