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Packet Power Unveils New Power and Environmental Monitors

Posted on Thursday, August 14, 2014 by Steve VanTassel

We are excited to announce several major product enhancements:

  • a full refresh of our three-phase power monitoring offerings
  • new environmental monitors
  • new Ethernet gateways
  • a significant new firmware release for all power monitoring products and Ethernet Gateways
  • major reporting enhancements to the EMX energy portal application

All new products are fully compatible with existing Packet Power monitoring units and Ethernet Gateways.

Global Radio Support

All new products add the ability to deliver the data center industry's most proven wireless mesh networking platform on networks running at 2.4GHz. The new models now support operation at 860MHz, 900MHz and 2.4GHz. When running at 860/900MHz, the new products are fully compatible with existing Packet Power devices. In countries where 860/900MHz radio spectrum is not available, we can now deploy at 2.4GHz while still utilizing the proven Packet Power wireless mesh networking protocol.

Wireless data center power monitoring unit with local LED display

New Power Monitors

Packet Power is introducing a new version of the three-phase power monitoring unit (used in the "P" and "R" product families). In addition to global radio support, the new products offer:

LOCAL LED DISPLAY: Each unit has a 3-digit LED display that rotates through current and voltage per phase.

UNIVERSAL VOLTAGE: All monitoring modules can now monitor voltages from 100V-250V. This makes it possible for the monitors to report both L-L and L-N voltage readings and makes inventory management easier for our OEM partners.

More than 70 new models are being announced. The new models are designated by a "G" in the product name (for example, RG30-2121 is the new version of the existing R130-2121 product).

New Environmental Monitors

Version 3 of the Environmental Monitor leverages our new global radio support to provide unmatched ease of deployment. In addition, the new products offer:

IMPROVED TEMPERATURE PROBES: temperature probes now connect to the monitoring unit using a simple snap-in connector, making it faster to add and remove probes from monitors.

LED DISPLAY: each EM unit has an LED display that shows the most recent reading from each sensor in the unit.

Three models are being announced today. Each model supports up to 6 temperature probes: E300-A000, E30H-A000 which adds a relative humidity sensor, and E30P-A000 which adds a differential pressure sensor. We are also announcing new temperature probe assemblies that make it easy to add monitoring to 1 to 6 cabinets per Environmental Monitor unit. Probes can also be purchased individually in 1, 2 and 3-meter lengths, and probe extensions are available in lengths 2, 4 and 9-meter lengths, allowing for an unmatched range of customization options.

Ethernet Gateway adds local display to make DCIM deployment even easier

New Ethernet Gateways

The V3 Ethernet Gateway series incorporates global radio support and adds an enhanced local display making it easier than ever to tailor a Gateway to support local IP network addressing requirements. The V3 Gateway will be offered in 6 models, each of which starts with "GW03".

Enhanced EMX reporting

EMX reporting has been significantly improved. The custom report interface is now more flexible and intuitive. Custom reports can now show a wider range of data elements and feature full subtotal capability. We also enhanced important behind-the-scenes data handling functions, including more sophisticated support for time zones, mid-month adds and removals, max/min/average calculations, and partial-month only monitoring units.

Customers using hosted EMX are being migrated account by account. Customers running local deployments of EMX will be notified when an upgrade version is available for their environment.

New firmware

Significant new firmware releases have been released for all power monitoring nodes and the Ethernet Gateway.

Gateway firmware release 6.1 offers network performance improvements, security enhancements and the ability for customers to download and apply new gateway and node firmware entirely without Packet Power’s assistance.

Node firmware release 2.29 significantly improves network routing optimization in multi-gateway networks. It applies to all existing S, P and R products.

We are contacting customers to arrange their firmware upgrade.

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