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Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations with Powerful Knowledge

Optimize Your Manufacturing Operations with Powerful Knowledge

If knowledge is power, then what is knowledge about power? It’s a problem solver and efficiency booster for your business. When you monitor power use of equipment in real-time, you can avoid unexpected shutdowns, extend the life of gear and systems, and reduce energy costs.

Power and environmental monitoring is available across a range of industries, from education to energy, technology to entertainment. Packet Power makes innovative, smart tools to help facility managers track their power usage and environmental conditions to become more efficient. Can these tools help prevent or solve problems for your manufacturing business? Companies that implement them find that they can.

Environmental Monitoring for Manufacturing Facilities

Control of an environment means control of operations for many manufacturers.

  • If you’re a food manufacturer, you need to maintain specific temperatures and humidity levels around processing lines.
  • Printing plants need to maintain specific relative humidity levels.
  • Manufacturers of electronic equipment need to protect sensitive components from water damage or temperature extremes.
  • Companies that operate energy-intensive pumps or presses can be alerted if the air around them is heating up beyond anticipated thresholds, a sign they could be in danger of failing.
  • Keep an eye on differential pressure across sensitive clean rooms for manufacturing of chips and other components.
  • Leak-detection equipment can detect as little as 1 mm of water, helping you respond to emergencies around pumps, presses, or CNC machines.
  • Monitors can also help ensure safe working conditions for employees.

By tracking temperatures with remote monitors you can avoid over-heating or cooling your facility and wasting money on daily energy usage. Monitoring enables you to set up alerts so you're notified if conditions approach thresholds and you can take action to prevent equipment damage or safety hazards. 

Environmental monitoring is vital for any manufacturing facility, and wireless environmental monitors can be installed in new construction or as a retrofit to an existing or expanding facility. 

Remote environmental monitoring systems from Packet Power make you smarter and keep you out of crisis. You can track temperature, relative humidity, and dew point in as many places as needed across your facility. These monitors use a secure wireless mesh network and integrate with your building management software. You view the information in real-­time, both at specific points and in 3D heat maps. The environmental monitors are powered by batteries, AC power or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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Energy Awareness in Manufacturing Facilities

When you monitor energy use in real-time, you gain a level of control that lets you track equipment and systems from startup through everyday use. Reporting can be customized to provide trend analysis and alerts can be set notifying when levels are approaching or breaching specific thresholds.

You can monitor the operational status of your HVAC systems or generators, detect abnormal power usage from critical equipment (a possible indication that it is in danger of malfunctioning), balance your energy load across phases, or benchmark power usage for long-term capacity planning.

This data is critical for manufacturers to better understand their processes and optimize their operations.

With Packet Power, you get a monitoring system customized to your needs – no field configuration is required. This approach makes installation of your system much easier and less expensive. Your monitors will immediately begin collecting and transmitting data via a custom-developed wireless network protocol.

The data from your devices can be integrated with your existing building management system (BMS). If you don’t have a BMS, Packet Power’s EMX Energy Portal delivers full power and environmental monitoring reporting capability at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other software systems.

Packet Power smart power cables deliver true plug-and-play installation. They monitor power use of any device with a plug, including PDUs. Simply unplug the device you want to monitor, plug it into the smart power cable, then plug the smart power cable into the outlet. These cables support all IEC, NEMA, regional and specialized plug and connector formats. The cable’s local LED display shows voltage, current, and power. You can also access the cable’s information on EMX or your existing BMS.

Energy Cost Savings Through Power and Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring power use and environmental conditions can help you save on energy costs. The average price of energy for U.S. industrial users has increased dramatically in the last 20 years, and with forecasts of large energy price hikes throughout Europe, businesses across industries need to monitor and reduce power use whenever possible.

With wireless monitors you can benchmark energy usage, find efficiency opportunities, and validate the savings from your initiatives. Packet Power’s wireless power and environmental monitors make you smarter about your facility operations. Knowledge about power translates to more efficient operations, extended equipment life and cost savings. See how Packet Power can help your facility -- manufacturing, retail store, university or data center.

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