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Energy Benchmarking

You can't manage what you don't measure

Energy costs are a significant portion of a facility's operating budget. Energy benchmarking shows the energy use of a single facility over time, a facility's use relative to similar facilities, or a facility's use compared to a desired standard. Packet Power's wireless monitors can be used throughout a facility -- from the utility feeds down to an individual piece of equipment -- to provide the information needed to make improvements and quantify the resulting energy savings.

Packet Power helps save money

Data Centers

Data centers





Additional Industries

Event Centers
Recreation Parks
Ski Resorts

Monitoring made easy

Wireless power and environmental monitors anywhere you need them
Group 36
Ethernet Gateway automatically collects monitoring data

Packet Power's wireless power and environmental monitors deliver actionable insights

Packet Power multi-circuit power monitors BGS16
Multi-circuit power monitors
  • Simple way to monitor high energy load equipment
  • Built to your specifications
  • Cut installation time in half

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RG60-460W coiled smaller size
Smart Power Cables
  • Can be used with any device with a plug
  • Simple "plug and play" installation means no electricians required
  • Captures energy information in real-time

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EMX main
EMX Energy Portal Software
  • Instant access to monitoring data at a fraction of the cost and complexity
  • Real-time and historical power information
  • Built in reports and email alerts

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Monitor so you can manage

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