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Global Colo Saves Time and Money with Arayna Tech

Global Colo Saves Time and Money with Arayna Tech

Packet Power works with a global network of partners to help match our wireless monitoring solutions to customer needs. Our partners can also ensure our solutions are installed quickly and correctly to maximize time-to-value. We're pleased to feature Arayna Tech, a partner that successfully turned around an environmental monitoring retrofit for a large colocation services provider.

The Customer

A large colocation services provider with 100+ global sites required environmental monitoring for their data center facilities. The purpose of these monitors was to:

  • Gain visibility into the operating environment
  • Provide SLA reports to their end customers
  • Perform energy efficiency calculations and realize cost savings

When Deployment Goes Wrong

The customer had hundreds of environmental sensors installed in the field. But there was no documentation on where the sensors were installed, if they were online, or integrated into the customer's Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system. There was no uniform method for designing and deploying environmental monitoring. So as each site did their own design and installation, data and information became increasingly unreliable and untrustworthy.

The customer found a new deployment partner -- Arayna Tech.

A Trustworthy Partner Creates a Design and Deployment Strategy

Arayna Tech created an environmental monitoring strategy in partnership with the customer.

  1. Aryana Tech created environmental standards that met and exceeded all the customer's and their clients' service level agreements.
  2. Arayna Tech developed tools and processes to streamline and guide the design, installation, and integration activities to ensure data integrity and quality control.
  3. Arayna Tech designed the environmental monitoring setup for the sites to meet monitoring needs and to optimize coverage.  
  4. Once the designs were approved, Arayna Tech ordered the environmental monitoring equipment on behalf of the customer.
  5. Arayna Tech installed the monitors and completed the deployments and integration into the monitoring and reporting systems.
  6. Arayna Tech audited installations and provided accurate documentation for monitoring and reporting.

When Deployment Goes Right

When Arayna Tech first started deploying Packet Power environmental monitors, the customer budgeted a week to install and deploy 150 devices in 5-6 data suites. It actually took less than 2 days.

The client's Temperature & Humidity Data Manager was so surprised that he approached Ajay Nagar, Arayna Tech's Founder & CEO demanding, "What? You're done already?"

The first installation wasn't a fluke. The team has tripled the number of deployments (over 3,000 monitors and counting) in 25% of the time. 

A Winning Combination

The client realized actual cost reductions because of Arayna Tech's repeatable, trustworthy planning and implementation methodology along with Packet Power's dependable products. This experience reminds all of us that the best products in the world don't do any good if they're not installed properly. Just as creating and implementing the most thorough deployment methodology doesn't add value if the products deployed don't reliably deliver as promised.

"I would recommend Packet Power many times over.
The products are durable, reliable and significantly less expensive."
Ajay Nagar, Arayna Tech's Founder & CEO

About Arayna Tech

Arayna Tech designs and deploys monitoring solutions, provides system integration services, and develops bespoke software for data centers, smart buildings, and energy management facility managers. Arayna Tech focuses on providing consumers with practical, cost-effective, and simple-to-use solutions that provide a measurable return on investment.

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