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Scot Love

Scot has worked with a diverse range of IT organizations from start–ups to global conglomerates for over 25 years. Scot provides innovative problem solving capabilities focused on the most pressing issues facing data center operators today – specifically power and cooling. Scot holds a B.S. in Information Systems Management from the State University College at Buffalo.

Harnessing Monitoring Data to Optimize Data Center Cooling

Cooling costs are a major component of data center operating costs. The economic and environmental benefits that can result from lowered cooling costs are significant. But raising the temperature can raise risks. If only one or two cabinets in an... Read More
E302 wireless environmental monitor

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's CoE reviews Packet Power's Environmental Monitors

The Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers (CoE), located at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, recently completed an in-depth analysis of several portable air management measurement tools for use in small data centers. ... Read More

Packet Power announces simple PUE solution for EO 13693

Executive Order 13693 requires federal government data center managers to install energy meters by 2018 so they can establish a specified PUE. Packet Power is pleased to offer focused, simple PUE Monitoring Packages for U.S. government entities. We... Read More

Measuring PUE doesn't have to be hard

Trying to understand the impacts of changes in demand in your data center? Perhaps you want to measure the impacts of energy efficiency initiatives you recently implemented. Or, you may be a U.S. federal government data center manager looking for... Read More

Meet Packet Power at DCD Enterprise in NYC

Want to discuss wireless power and environmental monitoring at DCD Enterprise in New York next week? Scot Love would be happy to meet. Scot can be reached at or +1 (561) 214-2414. Read More

Data center hot spots -- don't get burned

Data center hot spots are a bit of an enigma. While they remain colorless and odorless, you know they're there. You can feel them as you walk by rows of humming server racks. We've all done it -- the hot spot drive-by. You feel it. It's kind of hot... Read More