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Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 by Packet Power Team

Building wireless solutions involves a number of people at Packet Power. In addition to our full-time team, we are pleased to have the assistance of four talented interns for the summer. Internships provide real life work experience for college students and a fresh perspective for the companies they work with.

We thought you'd enjoy meeting Packet Power's interns.

brian.jpgBrian is focused on EMX -- updating how it brings in data from our monitors to help it run more efficiently. He likes how open and helpful everyone is at Packet Power.

Brian is working on his Master's degree in Software Engineering at the University of St. Thomas and would love to work for a company based out of Chicago when he graduates. Brian is a self-professed Star Wars fan and hopes to get to Germany in the next several years to visit relatives.

James.jpgA computer science major at the University of Minnesota, James is working as a full stack developer at Packet Power. He's focused on how data is retrieved within EMX and organizing how each element is displayed on screen. He's currently working on adding functionality to EMX visual graphs.

James wants to live in a variety of cities around the world before deciding where to settle down. He's fascinated with astronomy and would love to observe a space rocket launch in person.

Muhammad.jpgMuhammad is from Malaysia and studying Economics and Statistics at the University of Minnesota. He provides a wide variety of support at Packet Power including developing an icon strategy, updating web content, and building and testing products. He was surprised by Packet Power's global customer base.

Muhammad wants to travel around the world and learn about the culture in each place he visits. Given a choice, he'd live in the United States "where people are as nice as Minnesotans but the winter is not as cold."

Patrick.jpgPatrick is working on a quality management project and was surprised by the fact that each product is individually inspected by a Packet Power employee.

Patrick is majoring in Statistics and Mathematics at the University of Minnesota and would like to work as a special agent for the FBI. One of his life goals is to play golf at Cypress Point or Augusta National.

We enjoy working with Brian, James, Muhammad and Patrick and are grateful for their contributions. The next Smart Power Cable you plug in or EMX report you download was enabled by the Packet Power team -- including our interns.

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