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Technical Product Specifications Sheets Now Available

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013 by Packet Power Team
When deciding which Packet Power products to use and how to use them, many of you haverequested technical specification sheets on our individual products. You spoke; we listened.technical specifications

Although we have had specification sheets on product families, we have lacked technical specification sheets for each individual product, until now. If you head on over to our support page, you will find links to each of our products' technical specification sheets. These PDF documents give you information on general physical characteristics (height, weight, length, connector type, etc.) as well as very technical specifications (power monitoring phases, network protocols, IP rating, etc.).

We have also recently combined our support and training pages into one, convenient support page. So, when you're off viewing our technical specifications sheets from our new support page,
feel free to give the rest of the page a test drive as well!


Who? Packet Power team
What? Technical specifications sheets
When? Available now!
Where? Packet Power support page
Why? The Packet Power team wants you to be as knowledgeable on our product as we are. 

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