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Fujitsu and Daxten selected as DCD EMEA Finalists for use of Packet Power Technology

Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 by Troy Wyborny
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Congratulations to Fujitsu and Daxten on being named finalists in the Data Centre Dynamics EMEA 2014 Awards. Fujitsu's Project Empower utilized Packet Power's wireless power and environmental monitoring and was recognized in two separate categories: Innovation in the MEGA Data Centre and Innovation in IT Optimization. Winners will be announced December 11th.

Under Project Empower, Fujitsu was seeking to implement a new power charging model for their customer base while also helping improve their operational efficiency and drive power usage improvement on their IT equipment. They needed a monitoring system that could meet the following criteria:

  • Monitor power usage at various metering levels including but not limited to: PDU, rack, strip, outlet, device
  • Capture kW, Amperage, power factor and kWh at high accuracy
  • Minimize upfront deployment costs and the need for additional IT resources and architectural designs
  • Deploy easily both for all new installations and retrofit of existing customers

Daxten and Fujitsu have a long standing relationship, and Daxten introduced Packet Power's technology to Fujitsu. After conducting a successful Proof of Concept, Fujitsu selected Packet Power for the following reasons:

  • Very low upfront costs
    • 30.3% less expensive than alternatives in year 1 alone
    • No need to cable each meter
    • No need for servers or FTE to support
    • Start quickly on cloud based EMX portal with easy migration to local DCiM in the future
  • Ease of deployment and management
  • Environmental Monitoring and power monitoring provided using a common radio network
  • Flexible design allowing the ability to monitor the environment at various levels and to optimize cooling to meet metered rack requirements
  • Supports both new build and retrofit customers equally well

The Packet Power Solution has far exceeded Fujitsu's expectations yielding significant savings of as much as 30.3% in year 1 and 74.4% each year thereafter compared to a traditional wired smart power strip. Most importantly, Fujitsu was able to use the information provided by the Packet Power system to implement a new charging model based on real world usage, optimize their IT efficiency, and pass on tangible savings to the end user.

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We have greatly enjoyed working with the team at Fujitsu and are thrilled to see the project receive this level of recognition. We also thank Daxten not only for bringing Packet Power to Fujitsu's attention but also for the excellent support they have provided throughout the project.

About Fujitsu:Fujitsu UK and Ireland is a leading IT Systems, services and products company employing 12,000 people with an annual revenue of £1.67 billion. For more information, please visit

About Daxten:As a manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions, Daxten is at the forefront of promoting energy efficiency within the data centre. Daxten is headquartered in London and Berlin. For more information, please see

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