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Data Centers

Make your data center smarter to help you manage better

Managing power and environmental conditions well is the key to extending the life of data centers. Monitoring information is used to allocate operating costs, ensure power is being used effectively, minimize cooling costs, avoid hot spots that can lead to unplanned outages and track compliance with regulations and service level agreements. Packet Power makes it easier and more affordable to track power and environmental conditions throughout your data center. Our remote monitors deliver the insights needed for more efficient operations.

Monitoring made easy

Wireless power and environmental monitors anywhere you need them
Group 36
Ethernet Gateway automatically collects monitoring data

Packet Power's wireless power and environmental monitors deliver actionable insights

Packet Power
Multi-circuit power monitors
  • Simple way to monitor high value equipment
  • Built to your specifications
  • Cut installation time in half
Packet Power
Temperature and humidity monitors
  • Optimize heating and cooling
  • Ensure compliance with SLA agreements and industry standards
  • Be alerted to changes that may indicate potential problems
Packet Power
Branch Circuit Monitoring
  • Easily monitor up to 96 circuits on any panelboard, RPP or PDU
  • Eliminates communication wiring, configuration and configuration
  • Comes with fully pre-configured CT wire harnesses

Match monitoring to your data center needs

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