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Instant wireless insights

By combining a highly compact meter with purpose-built wireless mesh technology, we make it easy to add world ­class wireless monitoring capabilities to your products.

And if you need something very specific, we will work with you to design exactly what you need.


Products using Packet Power Technology

Hubbell Pin and Sleeve Connectors
Hubbell Intelligent Connector

Standard IEC pin and sleeve connector with built-in wireless monitoring to track current, power, voltage and device temperature.


Tap off boxes and end feed units with wireless Packet Power meters make overhead busways truly plug and play.

E+I Integration.2
E+I Integration

Integrated wireless current-only or full power monitoring solutions on up to six conductors per bus box.

Enlogic PDU.2
Enlogic PDU

Wireless monitoring built directly into each Enlogic power strip.

DCN Cables smart whip.2
DCN Cables Smart Whip

Packet Power's power measurement technology built into data center power whips

BRAH Logic Bus Plug.2
BRAH Logic Bus Plug

Packet Power wireless power monitors in BRAH Logic Bus Plugs that are compatible with busways from seven leading manufacturers.

IMS Electrol FieldWhip with monitoring

Manufactured to customer specifications including Packet Power wireless monitoring.

Daxten OEM PDU.2
Schleifenbauer Power Strip

Wireless smart power strips with infeed circuit and plug-bank monitoring.

OEM Options

AC Power Monitoring

Our compact full­ power monitor measures current, power and energy on single­ and three­-phase circuits of 100 to 600V. The compact meter is powered directly from the circuit it monitors and utilizes a standard Decora/GFCI opening to allow for good radio performance. It supports up to 8 current transformers and a local OLED display.

Current module
Current­-Only Monitoring

Our wireless current­-only monitor measures current from up to six CTs. Highly compact, it installs via a standard 1” NPT knock out and has a local LED display.

DC monitor without shadow
DC Power Monitoring

Compact wireless monitors measure full power parameters including current (A), power (W) and energy (Wh) per circuit. Monitors utilize integrated current transformers (CTs) or external split core CTs and can perform net metering.

Why OEM Packet Packet into your products


Having provided tens of thousands of our monitoring units to OEM partners, we know what it takes to meet the unique needs of OEM customers.

Small size

Our monitoring units are some of the smallest on the market, making it possible to add metering where other monitors simply won’t fit.

Highly configurable

A single type of monitoring unit can be used on most circuit types and amperages by simply adjusting a few firmware settings. No need for dip switches or complex software settings.

Low power draw

You work hard to make your product energy efficient and so do we. Our wireless monitors draw less than one Watt of power.


To minimize safety stock requirements and maximize flexibility, we provide OEM partners with the tools needed to configure our products to meet a wide range of needs. And we work with you to make sure the process of tailoring our units fits seamlessly within your production process.

Focus on quality

We test every unit before it is shipped to you, and we also provide the test utilities and system interfaces you need to make sure our monitor is working correctly once it is installed in your product.

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