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Generator & Transfer Switch Monitoring

Know the real-time operational status of critical infrastructure

Every piece of equipment in your facility serves a purpose, but some equipment is particularly critical. Generators and transfer switches fall into that category. No matter where you happen to be, a remote monitoring system will let you know when the transfer switch activates and the back-up generator goes on.

Monitoring made easy

Wireless power and environmental monitors anywhere you need them
Group 36
Ethernet Gateway automatically collects monitoring data

Packet Power's wireless monitors and EMX software provide real-time data

Packet Power
Multi-circuit power monitors
  • Simple way to monitor high energy load equipment
  • Built to your specifications
  • Cut installation time in half
Packet Power
Smart Power Cables
  • Can be used with any device with a plug
  • Simple "plug and play" installation means no electricians required
  • Captures energy information in real-time on 10-100A, 100-480V circuits
Packet Power
EMX Energy Portal Software
  • Full power and environmental monitoring capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of competing solutions
  • Email alerts triggered on policies you set
  • Offered as a cloud-based service or local software application

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