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Optimize your customers' experience while operating efficiently

Convenience stores, home goods outlets, grocery stores, family-owned specialty shops and mall tenants all want to know that heating and cooling systems are operating correctly, the lights are on when they should be, and water isn't where it shouldn't be. Remote power and environmental monitoring from Packet Power provides retailers with the information needed to prevent problems and save money.

Monitoring made easy

Wireless power and environmental monitors anywhere you need them
Group 36
Ethernet Gateway automatically collects monitoring data

Packet Power's wireless power and environmental monitors help prevent problems

Packet Power
Multi-circuit power monitors
  • Simple way to monitor high energy load equipment
  • Custom built to your specifications cuts installation time in half
  • Self-configuring and self-managing wireless technology reduces ongoing management
Packet Power
Temperature and humidity monitors
  • Measure temperature and humidity around chillers and freezers
  • Ensure compliance with franchise experience standards
  • Be alerted to changes that may indicate potential problems
Packet Power
Leak detectors
  • Get alerts when as little as 1 mm of water is detected where it shouldn't be
  • Mounting bracket attaches to any flat surface by adhesive strips or mounting screws
  • Works with any Packet Power environmental monitor with external probe port

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