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Alan Katz


New Packet Power products deliver cost-effective, time-saving BCMS solutions

Packet Power is excited to add two models to our set of branch circuit monitoring retrofit solutions and an industry-leading way to share monitoring data between two distinct and secure IP networks. Read More
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Stop by if you're in Mumbai

Curious about the advantages of wireless power and environmental monitoring? Planning to be in or near Mumbai early November? Consider stopping by. Read More

Data center cooling optimization is easier than you think

One of the most contentious areas of data center operating cost reduction is cooling. There is an ongoing tension between lowering cooling costs and keeping facility temperatures within a deliberately conservative range. Many data centers accept... Read More

Power monitoring ROI

There are countless reasons for monitoring power in data centers. We've outlined some of the most common applications and the resulting benefits. Often the determining factor in deciding to install power monitoring is the initial capital cost. Lower... Read More
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Using Rogowski Coils

Conventional split-core CTs may not always be the best solution when installing current transducers on existing cable bundles. The CT may not fit around the conductor or in the required space. An easy alternative is to use a Rogowski coil. Read More
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New look, same secure wireless technology

Packet Power has moved from opaque to clear plastic enclosures for our "M", "R" and "P" wireless power monitors. The material is unchanged, only the level of coloration has been modified. Read More

The best way to access a voltage source

Packet Power is frequently asked how to access the voltage source when installing power monitors. This can be done using a variety of methods. Read More

Six ways to lower costs through smarter cooling

Cooling is one of the main drivers of data center operating costs, but figuring out how to get the information needed to drive costs down can be confounding. Read on for ways to break the overall challenge into manageable pieces as well as what you... Read More

One path to "Monitoring Nirvana"

We ran across a good article in the Data Center Journal written by Leon Adato entitled "Monitoring Nirvana" describing data center monitoring and who should be doing it. The full article can be found here. If you're short on time, here's a synopsis. Read More

Top Threat to US Power Grid: Squirrels

The stability of the power grid is important to people responsible for operating critical facilities such as data centers, and a great deal of effort is put into ensuring that all risks to the uninterrupted supply of power are anticipated and... Read More