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Turn Basic PDUs Into Smart
PDUs in Minutes

Packet Power’s wireless Smart Power Cables are the easiest, most cost-effective way to convert a basic PDU into a smart PDU. Smart cables are standard power cables with low-profile embedded wireless power monitors.

Smart Power Cables support single- and three-phase circuits from 10 to 63 Amps. They are compatible with IEC, NEMA, specialized and regional connectors. They accurately measure Amps, Volts, Watts, kWh and power factor and are certified for use in most countries.

Smart Power Cable FAQs 

How can Smart Power Cables cost less?
Through the combination of lower equipment cost, lower installation costs, and lower network support and equipment warranty costs. One customer realized 30% savings in the first year and over 70% in subsequent years.

Are they really that easy to install?
Yes. It’s as simple as unplugging your basic PDU from its power source then plugging in your Smart Power Cable.

How do I know wireless will work?
Tens of thousands of our monitors have been installed in data centers around the world. View the video describing how Packet Power made "wireless that works" for data centers.

Is wireless really secure?
Yes. By using a unique, purpose-built wireless protocol that can only transmit data about monitoring and completely separates the wireless monitoring network from your data network, Packet Power has developed a system that is trusted by large financial services, government agencies and colo companies around the world. For more detail, read the white paper on "wireless that works."

Will they work with my hardware?
Smart Power Cables support the full range of IEC, NEMA, specialized and regional connectors. See the complete list of connectors.

Will they work with my software? How do I get data to my monitoring application?
You can access data from any DCIM / BMS system using SNMP or Modbus output.

Are they certified?
Smart Power Cables are certified for use in most countries.

Do I need an electrician?
No. Installation can be done in minutes and doesn’t require any new wiring (no network cable drops). The system is also self-configuring.

Do I have to disconnect power to the circuit to install? 
Yes. It takes a minute or two to unplug the power strip and add the Smart Power Cable. Many customers install over time during scheduled maintenance windows. Others rely on their redundant power arrangements. If disconnecting power is not an option, wireless panel-based monitoring may be a better fit.

Do I need to convert all my PDUs at the same time?
No. You can start with as many or as few units as you’d like. Packet Power’s self-configuring network automatically adapts when units are added or removed.

How big are they?
The standard length is 4 feet (1.2 meters). Reference the Technical Specifications for complete details. 

document highlighting the key elements of a basic-to-smart PDU upgrade is available for your reference.

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