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An accurate understanding of power utilization and environmental conditions is essential to ensuring high availability and improving energy efficiency. Packet Power offers a full range of power and environmental monitoring hardware and software that can provide the insights you need.

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Real­time visibility

Know exactly how much energy a circuit is drawing prior to adding additional load.

Identify stranded power

Know where you have both underutilized circuits and adequate cooling to remove the heat created by increased power use in that location.

Identify trends

Easily access historical data, including minimums and maximums, to understand changes in energy usage across time.

Manage hot spots

View a real­time facility heat map to identify hot cabinets and track temperature in real time. Tailor your monitoring to gather more data where heat is an issue and less where it is not. Instantly see the impact of air handling changes.

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Know when problems occur

Get real­time alerts via email, SMS or private Twitter feed. Our unique “policies” feature allows alert criteria based on power or environmental conditions to be defined once and applied to cabinets across an entire room.

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Calculate PUE

Track the performance of your facility across time and accurately understand the impact of both energy efficiency initiatives and changes in demand.

Manage cabinets not just circuits

Manage load thresholds based on circuit­-pair totals within a cabinet, eliminating unnecessary alerts in cabinets with uneven A/B loads.

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Maintain Load Balance by Phase

From cabinet­-level load to RPPs and MPPs, ensure that power usage is distributed well across phases.

Detect A/B imbalances

Spot cabinets that have unusually uneven load on A and B feeds to proactively determine if a power supply may have failed.

Meet power and cooling SLAs

Data from monitoring units can be used to demonstrate compliance with service level agreements based on meeting high­- and low­-temperature limits and power availability.


Lower installation costs

Running an Ethernet cable to a cabinet costs $150 to $300 when you factor in the cable, labor, switch ports and network setup. In a retrofit scenario, you have the added cost of removing the existing equipment. Packet Power’s wireless meters allow you to avoid all of those costs, can be installed by anyone, and cost less to buy than other metering solutions.

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Highly secure

Packet Power offers the most s​ecure data center monitoring system available today.

Roll out at your own pace

As you add devices, our wireless network automatically finds and incorporates the new monitoring units, making it easy to deploy monitoring as quickly or as slowly as your needs dictate.

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Vendor neutral monitoring

Packet Power’s monitoring devices work with hardware from any vendor and can easily support devices such as SANs, switches and mainframes that often can’t be monitored with smart power strips. Our hardware feeds data to any monitoring application that supports SNMP or Modbus, and our software can accept data in those formats from any vendor’s hardware.

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Minimize impact on IT

Packet Power’s self­-configuring network automatically detects new devices and optimizes its performance across time. There’s no need for complex network planning prior to deploying the system and no need to invest time in managing and maintaining it once it is up and running.

Instant information

Implementing monitoring doesn’t need to be costly and complex. We make it easy to start small and will provide useful information within hours of installation.

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