DC power CTs

Packet Power range of DC CTs

DC current sensors from 30A to 2000A

Packet Power offers a wide range of DC current sensors to meet your DC power monitoring needs.

  • Split core CTs - 30A to 2000A
  • Solid core CTs - 300A to 400A
  • CTs integrated into the monitor - 35A or 65A
  • 48V shunt adapters supporting existing 50mV, 100mV or 150mV output shunts at any amperage

Split core CTs

Split core CTs have a "split" in their core that allows the CT to be placed around the conductor without having to disconnect the conductor or interrupt power. Split core CTs are more expensive than solid core CTs but their convenience makes them the preferred choice for retrofit installations. 

Inside Diameter Rated Amperage (A)
16 mm 30,  50,  100
21 mm 100,  200,  300
35 mm 100,  200,  300,  400,  500
42 x 13 mm 100,  200,  300
64 x 16 mm 200,  400
65 mm 300,  600,  800,  1200
84 x 22 mm 200,  300,  600,  1000
100 x 42 mm 2000   (not pictured)

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Packet Power split core DC CTs
Packet Power solid core DC CTs

Solid core CTs

Solid core CTs form a permanently closed core. Installing a solid core CT requires disconnecting the conductor to get it through the CT core. Solid core CTs are a cost effective solution when service disruption is not an issue and can be purchased with either rectangular or round inner openings.

Inside diameter Rated Amperage (A)
40 x 30 mm 300,  400

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Integrated CTs

The compact DC monitor with integrated CT is ideal when space is limited. The integrated solid core CT has an 8.5 mm window and supports 35A or 65A current.

Packet Power DC monitor with integrated CT
Packet Power 48V DC shunt adapter

Shunt Adapters

Packet Power's 48V DC monitor shunt adapters can be used with existing shunts that have output signals of 50mV, 100mV or 150mV installed on either the positive or negative leg. The adapters support shunts of any amperage.

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