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Packet Power makes remote monitoring easy

Remote monitoring made easy

Packet Power makes it easier and less expensive for critical facilities managers to get the information needed to lower costs, avoid outages and improve operational effectiveness. Our wireless remote power and environmental sensors come fully configured and are simple to install and manage. Whether used with your existing application or our energy management service, there's no easier way to make your building smarter.

Packet Power has deployed over 100,000 monitors
remote monitoring devices deployed
Packet Power analyzes over 100 million data points hourly
100 million
data points analyzed every hour
Packet Power has customers worldwide
30 countries
across 6 continents
Packet Power customers are in over 25 industries
25 industries
gaining energy insights

Packet Power Advantages

Packet Power installs easily

Installs easily

We combine a "plug and play" design that makes installation easy with the ability to gather monitoring information over a wireless network. It adds up to faster deployments that require far less IT and electrician time.

Packet Power monitors manage themselves

Manages itself

Our remote monitoring units automatically form a high-performing network that continually optimizes its performance as you grow over time. We keep the demands on IT to a minimum up front and over the life of your facility.

Packet Power monitoring systems save time

Saves time

Hardware that is easy to install doesn't help if you can't use the information that the monitoring system produces, so Packet Power makes it easy to access monitoring data from your existing BMS or DCIM system. And if you don't have a monitoring application that gives you the information you need, our software offers instant access to information without the months of consultant time.

Packet Power lowers monitoring costs

Lowers costs

Packet Power products often cost less to buy than other monitoring systems. As importantly, they avoid the need to run wires, allocate switch ports, design the network and manage it over time, along with pretty much eliminating the need for costly electricians, networking specialists and software consultants.

Whoever designed these products really had the end customer in mind. I've never had an easier installation

Jim T. - Data Center Critical Facilities Manager

Packet Power Products

Packet Power
Power (AC and DC)
Monitor individual circuits, servers, panels, high value equipment, or an entire building.
Packet Power

Track temperature, humidity, differential pressure, dry contact and detect leaks.

Packet Power
Monitoring Software

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