Easily add monitoring to individual circuits, switchgear and entire panels

Whether you need to measure main feeders to calculate PUE, monitor just a few branch circuits to allocate costs, or track an entire panelboard to balance loads more effectively, our wireless panel monitoring solutions give you the flexibility you need to measure what matters.

Our self­-configuring wireless network technology makes installation faster and easier than legacy monitors and means you’ll be online receiving useful monitoring information immediately after installation.



Cost effective
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No communications cables or configuration
Simple, non­-technical installation
Use anywhere from branch circuits to switchgear to panelboards
Compatible with any existing hardware and data is accessible via SNMP or Modbus
Secure purpose-built wireless protocol proven in data centers worldwide

Selective Circuit Monitoring


Input­ Circuit Monitoring

A full wireless power monitor housed in a gang box that attaches to the panel, the single­-circuit monitor provides a simple, cost­-effective way to monitor a panel’s input circuit.


Multi­-Circuit Power Monitoring

Whether your requirement is to monitor entire switchgear panels or certain branch circuits on 42­-pole panels, our multi­meter systems provide a cost-­effective means of tracking usage on 2 to 27 circuits. The meters are mounted in a slim enclosure on or next to the metered equipment.

Selective Circuit Features

Supports 30­ to 3,000­ amp single­- and three­-phase circuits; 100 to 480V
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Multiple formats monitor a few to 42 circuits
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Local LED display
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Wireless transmission of all monitoring data
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Installs without disconnecting cables
Measures V, A, VA, W, PF, Wh, THDi, THDv, Hz

Branch Circuit Monitoring

A simple solution for adding monitoring to existing panelboards. Monitors any combination of single- , two-  and three-phase circuits on 42- and 84-pole panels. Flexible current sensor harnesses and a simple configuration utility make installation fast and easy.


... with sophisticated panel mapping capability

A significant part of the branch circuit monitoring installation involves defining the circuit mix on a particular panel and making that information usable in your monitoring application.

Our panel editor makes it easy to specify the amperage and number of poles per circuit. If you have panels with similar circuit maps, you can easily apply panel definitions from one panel to another. And if you need to access data via SNMP or Modbus, we make that easy too.


Branch Circuit Features

Measures V, A, VA, W, PF, Wh, THDi, THDv, Hz
Works with PDUs, RPPs or panelboards from any vendor
Monitors circuits of 100 to 480V
Can be wall-mounted, directly attached or installed under the floor
Use solid core CTs to minimize cost or split core to install without disruption
Local LED displays V, A and W on main input circuit and A on branch circuits

Panel Monitoring Applications

  • Add monitoring to existing panelboards, remote power panels, floor PDUs and switchgear
  • High­-level usage tracking to
    drive metrics such as PUE
  • HVAC and other critical
    system tracking
  • Selective branch
    circuit monitoring
  • Multi­-tenant metering

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Instant access to data

Data begins to flow immediately upon installation to your existing BMS or the Packet Power EMX Energy Portal. Unlike many monitoring systems, there’s no need to wait for expensive consultants to customize the system before you can gain value from the monitoring information.

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